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COSMOS Manual Guide

The COSMOS manual is a centralized page that displays all consumer and end user documents in a structured format. This is an evolving document that will iteratively be improved based on user feedback. Please don't hesitate to contact us to provide your suggestions.

Table of Contents
1. Overview [Owner: Mark Weitzel]

     1.1 Project Objectives [Owner: Mark Weitzel]
     1.2 Application Integration and Data Federation [Owner: Hubert Leung]
                 1.2.1 Service Registration and Discovery - Management Domain and Brokers [Owner: Ali Mehregani]
                 1.2.2 Data Managers - Adapters for integrating applications to the COSMOS infrastructure [Owner: Ali Mehregani]
                 1.2.3 Support for CMDBf [Owner: Ali Mehregani]
     1.3 Management Enablement [Owner: Balan Subramanian]
                 1.3.1 WSDM Tooling [Owner: Balan Subramanian]
                 1.3.2 WSDM Annotations [Owner: Joel Hawkins]
     1.4 Web Console for System Administrators [Owner: Sheldon Lee-Loy]
     1.5 Service Modeling Language (SML) [Owner: Valentina Popescu]
     1.6 Solution Deployment Descriptor (SDD) [Owner: Jason Losh]
2. Development Guide [Owner: Mark Weitzel]
     2.1 Running the Example [Owner: Hubert Leung]
     2.2 Constructing a Data Manager [Owner: Hubert Leung]
     2.3 Constructing an MDR [Owner: Hubert Leung]
                 2.3.1 Providing CMDBf Services [Owner: Ali Mehregani]
     2.4 Extending the Web User Interface Framework [Owner: Sheldon Lee-Loy]
     2.5 Deploying COSMOS [Owner: Hubert Leung]
     2.6 Use of WSDM Annontations [Owner: Joel Hawkins]

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