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COSMOS Management Enablement

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Management Enablement

Meeting Title: COSMOS Management Enablement Weekly Meeting
Link to information on Wiki:
Date & Time: Tuesday at 11:00 EDT / 11:00am EDT
Toll-free Dial-in number: 1-888-682-4285
Primary International Dial-in: + 1-973-368-0695 (Requires International prefix first)
SAS Employees: x40000
Conference Code: 3358100246


Email [Jason Losh]

Working Design Documents

Misc Documents

Agenda (10/28/08)

  • Status on Tuscany replacement with JAXB
  • Change resolver status update
  • P2 integration update
  • Growing the community

Agenda (10/21/08)

  • SDD tools building and included in the download - be sure what is expected is there
  • Discuss for inclusion in COSMOS 1.0:
    • 240065 - Document APIs for SDD Programmatic Interface
  • Status on Tuscany replacement with JAXB
    1. We are good to go with using JAXB - need to know version so it can be declared as a dependency in Orbit
    2. We will not change the Java requirement for COSMOS 1.0+
  • Change resolver status update
  • P2 integration update
  • Growing the community

Agenda (10/07/08)

From Eric - Discuss defects for COSMOS 1.0 inclusion:

  • 249652 - SPI outputs incorrect date format for lastModified attribute
  • 249655 - SPI: descriptorID getter/setter should return/take a byte[] instead of String
  • 249349 - SDD Validator JUnits use incorrect Schematron location
  • 249714 - SPI: createAdditionalContent() creates element with incorrect attribute name
  • 249873 - SDD Validator: Schematron validation is non-functional
  • Schema checkin status
  • TPTP test checkin status
  • Bugzilla cleanup.
  • Documentation updates for SDD tooling
  • SDD tooling build updates
    1. Saurahb reported a problem building SPI, Validator, and Change Analyzer -- have these been resolved?
  • JAXB implementation for Change Analyzer - requires IPzilla approval from Eclipse Legal OR COSMOS 1.1/2.0 to require JRE/JDK 1.6
  • Change resolver status update

Minutes of prior meetings

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