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COSMOS MDR TestingFramework

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This page provides an overview of Testing Framework for COSMOS MDR's.


This document provides a framework for automating the execution and validation of CMDBf Graph Queries against different MDR's.

The framework was designed using Java and TestNG and uses a Data Driven approach to execute the individual queries for an MDR. The framework contains a configuration file where each MDR that will be tested can be configured. The queries used to test each MDR and expected results used for validation are stored in a directory structure and using a naming convention so that the type of tests being performed can easily be detected by the test creator/executor/reviewer and the framework during processing.


The framework supports the following testing features:

  • MDR Query Execution using Web Services with Axis2.
  • Can execute queries using Soap 1.1 and Soap 1.2.
  • Execute queries directly against a configured MDR Endpoint or use a Cosmos Broker to find the appropriate MDR Endpoint.
  • New MDRs and queries can be added with no additional coding.
  • Execute valid queries that return GraphQuery Responses or invalid queries that return GraphQuery Faults.
  • Execute and compare the runtime results against executed results or run in an initial mode dumping the runtime results to disk.
  • Three comparison modes that can be configured at the query level for valid queries.
  • Ability to compare GraphQuery Faults across different Soap Versions.
  • Full test report with test artifacts includng the runtime results and differences from the compare operation written to the report directory.
  • Mechanism for passing Username and Password information for an MDR that requires security credentials.