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COSMOS Document Naming

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This section covers the file naming of a COSMOS documents and adding a Category documentation reference.

Document naming

When creating a Wiki document page, use the following naming structure:

  • or{topic}

Where {topic} is the name of the COSMOS component or subject. For example, the following table lists a few topics of the COSMOS User's Guide and the associated filename.

Topic Filename
Overview COSMOS_User's_Guide_Overview
Management Enablement COSMOS_User's_Guide_Management_Enablement
WSDM_tooling COSMOS_User's_Guide_WSDM_tooling

Adding a Category documentation reference

To help organize and locate documents, please insert the following category tag at the bottom of your document Wiki page:

'''[[Category:COSMOS Consumer Documentation]]'''

Hierarchy of documentation categories example

.... [[Category:COSMOS Consumer Documentation]]
............ [[Category:COSMOS User's Guide]]
............ [[Category:COSMOS Development Guide]]
To make
[[Category:COSMOS User's Guide]]
a child of
[[Category:COSMOS Consumer Documentation]]
, just edit's_Guide and put
[[Category:COSMOS Consumer Documentation]]
at the bottom of the page, and submit the change.

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