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COSMOS Architecture Meetings

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Meeting Information

Meeting Title: Conference Call on Overall COSMOS Architecture
Link to information on Wiki: Architecture and design documents
Date & Time: April 3, 2008 at 10:00AM EST
Tie line: 8-421-0033
Toll-free Dial-in number: +1 (877) 421 0033
Primary International Dial-in: TBD
Passcode: COSMOS (267667)#


5 Min: Critical or leftover status issues from community call (if needed)

15 Min: Web services update (Hubert)

  • progress
  • screen shots
    • "Service groups"
    • Mdrsrvgrp.jpg
    • Registration Service
    • Regservice.jpg
    • use ?wsdl to get WSDL of an EPR
    • Regwsdl.jpg
    • Project structure
    • Prjstructure.jpg
    • Project facet
    • Projfacets.jpg
  • Broker
    • Not using WS-SG
    • remove management domain
    • If we need multiple brokers, we can register a broker (a web service) with another broker. The client can navigate throw a network of brokers.
    • support single broker in i10/v1.0
    • broker schema:
    • operations:
      • registerGroup
      • deregisterGroup
      • getAllGroups
    • WS-RC
  • Next Monday, we will have:
    • Data manager framework + query client + registration client
    • broker + broker client
    • example MDR

15 Min: DC discussion (Don Ebright)

15 Min: SDD update (Jason Losh)

10 min: Discuss candidate APIs for 1.0

House Keeping

  • TBD

Agenda for April 10, 2008

  • DC discussion (Don Ebright)
    • This was deferred from April 3 due to the desire to have Mark's perspective in this discussion
    • Don would like to explore the role of Muse in COSMOS 1.0 and beyond
  • SDD update (Jason Losh)
    • This was deferred from April 3 because Jason was unable to attend due to a last minute conflict
    • Jason to talk about synergy between CMDBf, SDD, and SML
  • Discuss candidate APIs for 1.0
    • This was deferred from April 3 because of other topics taking more of the time
    • David asked the community to think about what should be API in 1.0, and we can discuss either on April 10 arch call or April 11 summit call

Agenda for Future Meetings

Minutes from past meetings

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Cosmos Archived Architecture Meeting Minutes

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