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COSMOS 2.0 Plans

On this page we will list the themes and significant workitems that we would like to consider for our post-1.0 efforts in COSMOS. Please add to this list as you see fit, and this will help drive our discussion as we shape our future work.

  • SML tooling
    • stabilization and improvement
    • XML editor (178837 and others)
    • Tigerstripe integration (242759)
  • Developing information models in open (Jimmy, pls create ER for this)
  • CMDBf framework improvements
  • COSMOS UI improvements
    • Simplified query builder for end users (Sheldon, pls create ER for this)
    • Tooling for extending DV components?
  • MDR toolkit improvements
    • Export to AAR (232161)
    • other?

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