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COSMOS 1.2.0 update site installation

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COSMOS 1.2.0 update site

An Eclipse update site for installation of COSMOS plug-ins and features is available at http://download.eclipse.org/technology/cosmos/1.2.0/update-site

To install some or all available plug-ins from the site, you must configure your Eclipse environment as follows:

  1. In Eclipse, go the menu bar and click Help -> Software Updates.... The Software Updates and Add-ons dialog will be shown.
  2. Select the Available Software tab.
  3. Click the Add Site... button.
  4. Paste the update site URL (http://download.eclipse.org/technology/cosmos/1.2.0/update-site) into the Location text box and click OK
  5. Expand the newly created site and the available plug-ins will appear.
  6. Select required plugins and click the Install... button
  7. Follow and respond to any prompts that appear.

You may have to restart Eclipse to use the newly installed software.