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COSMOS 1.1 Iteration4 Features

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COSMOS v1.1 iteration 4 plan

Cross component work items (Jimmy Mohsin, David Whiteman, Jason Losh)


  • SDD to complete


  • SDD will do due diligence to ensure that it is consistent with the way that the rest of COSMOS logs

clean API

  • SDD to decide which method signatures should be API
  • SML to decide which method signatures should be API
  • CMDBf to add any method signatures to its API list?

Design doc every enhancement

  • if the enhancement is really small, put in at least a paragraph and a link to the use case for QA and documentation.
  • if the enhancement is not small, the design doc needs to explain the change, anyone other than the assignee who is affected, how much work it is, any ramifications, and in general please avoid any changes to 3rd party open source other than removing a dependency on it. We have no guarantee that the change will be approved for COSMOS v1.1.

Mandatory for releasing V1.1 (Ruth Lee)

Review itself

  • arrange for COSMOS to be added to the Eclipse Board docket 5 weeks in advance of the intended release of V1.1
  • create the review slides
  • clean up the inactive committer list


  • about.html for third party OSS in COSMOS: Ruth to arrange for these specialized about.html to be written and then delivered to the build team for inclusion in COSMOS
  • IP log written and submitted for approval 3 weeks prior to the release review
  • get ipzillas approved by Eclipse Legal: list of IPZillas awaiting approval

Bugzillas for this iteration (Jimmy, David, Jason, Saurabh, QA, Doc)

Sizing legend:

  • Low - takes 1-3 days
  • Medium - takes a week
  • High - takes more than a week

Status to be filled in by:

  • Data Collection bugzilla status (Jimmy Mohsin)
  • Data Visualization bugzilla status (Jimmy Mohsin)
  • Resource Modeling bugzilla status (David Whiteman)
  • Management Enablement bugzilla status (Jason Losh)
  • RE/Build bugzilla status (Saurabh Dravid)
  • QA bugzilla status (No owner)
  • Doc bugzilla status (No owner)

The Status column can have one of these values:

  • On track
  • At risk
  • Not containable
  • Defer (no longer a priority for i13)
  • Not started

Priority Status Project or subteam Enhancement Severity Description Blocked by (if applicable) Owner Sizing Design Doc Use Case

Use cases

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