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COSMOS 1.1M1 Announce

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COSMOS 1.1M1 is NOW available

At a glance

COSMOS 1.1M1 provides the following new features and improvements:

  • SDD support
    Tools and runtimes that provide support for the Solution Deployment Descriptor (SDD) standard on OASIS. SDD support was previously in research status, but is expected to be fully available in COSMOS 1.1. Included in M1:
    • A build time generator (BTG) that generates SDDs from many sources. The BTG will generate conformance level two SDDs.
    • A runtime driver is available, but still in development. With this driver, one can run the example COSMOS SDD through the runtime to install the COSMOS payload.
  • SML support
  • CMDBf 1.0 support and infrastructure

For a list of features that were included with the COSMOS 1.0 release, please read the previous announcement.

COSMOS 1.1 is currently targeted for a September 2009 release.


Download COSMOS 1.1M1 here.

As always, we welcome your participation and feedback via Newsgroup.gif eclipse.technology.cosmos and Mailinglist.gif cosmos-dev@eclipse.org, and also hope you will take the time to report bugs and feature requests via Bugzilla.