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  • Panel on open sources systems management. - Eclipse due date: 12/1
    • Who would like to participate:
    • Group to define topics to be covered.
      • Why Systems Management in Eclipse?
      • What problems are we trying to solve?
      • Industry trends in open source systems management
      • What does it mean for me, the consumer of open source
      • What's all this SML stuff anyway, can't we just use (xxxxx)?
    • Candidate subjects:
      • Strength of SML as modeling language
        • vs. CIM, ODMA, ....
      • Potential for interoperability through Eclipse-based development framework
      • Benefits of community process for commercial, open source, and commercial-open source participants

Long Talk

  • Long talk; Resource Modeling based on SML - Eclipse due date: 12/1

Short Talk

  • Short talk; Overview on COSMOS - Eclipse due date: 1/15


  • Demo showing progress on resource modeling tooling


Here is a link to the poster that was presented at the Eclipse Summit, Europe.

This can serve as a starting point for our poster at Eclipse Con.

Table Topic

We could probably get a few of us to talk about COSMOS. Similar to the short talk.

Should we expand this to systems management in general?


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