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  • go through a round-table introduction of attendees (i.e. background, expectations)
  • discuss and clarify the state of data report component
  • discuss next steps



Mark Weitzel(IBM), Sheldon Lee-Loy(IBM), Marius Slavescu (IBM), Craig Thomas(Groundwork opensource), Shalya (OC Systems)

Action Items / Results

  • Set up regular meetings to follow our progress and high level design and achitecture
  • Make use of project forums and wiki pages to document status and issues
  • To do: Mark and Craig to articulate end-to-end use cases for data reporting
  • Use cases should consider different users (ie. testers, developers, etc.).
  • Three report views have been defined in the COSMOS Project Creation Review document
  • To do: Sheldon to create a mock up of the "Resource Status" report. The BIRT report will show the status of the disk drive, operating system, memory and webserver of a system.
  • Open discussion whether model resource instrumentation should use wsdm operation standards to model status information. Note: wsdm status information is already well defined.
  • Sheldon will post design patterns he has observed when working with datasources to create reports. The intention is that these patterns can drive the data layer architecture.

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