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Att: Jason David Jimmy Saurabh Ruth

  • first weekly integration build next week, to be tested by Saurabh
  • week after that no weekly integration build because test weeks start after, instead the iteration candidate driver to be built on Friday
  • difference between iteration and milestone is that we advertise milestone for adoption but not iterations. More of a support implication to that.
  • June 26 doesn't align with the release train but we decided that's okay
  • we need to define our Release Themes from the official Eclipse themes
  • stabilize CMDBf support
  • move SML out of research
  • move SDD out of research
  • iteration template, does it need changes?
  • in "cross component", in "clean API", what should be promoted to API?
  • logging as well to ensure that SDD runtime matches what's being used elsewhere in COSMOS
  • SDD externalized strings? Some has but would need to go through all of it to confirm all done.
  • security, Higgins, was there something that Jimmy wanted to push for in 1.1 with regards to security? security a nice-to-have until we get more resources. security not small enough to be addressed in 1.1.
  • package in the management enablement project, the old change analyzer. Jason to send Saurabh the name of the package to remove and Saurabh will remove that.
  • Jason to open a bugzilla, put as many of our to-dos as possible
  • also need to update the IP log to mark that CQ obsolete
  • used to have that big wiki page for our use cases for 1.0. Add to that or create a new one for 1.1? A lot will be the same. Create an archive of the 1.0 use cases and create a new page that's based off of a copy
  • David and Jason to send Ruth the URL to the use case wiki pages, Ruth to update the template/plans for 1.1 to link to them
  • any bugzilla to be done in iteration 1, add that bugzilla into the i1 table
  • BTG code changes large, will be checked into iteration 1
  • update on the tests that are run as part of the build?
  • last time there was a bug opened in TPTP so we were not able to run a JUnit. Saurabh to check that bug again. To include it into the automation, just need to have a TPTP JUnit. Does it need to be in a particular location? Saurabh have some test automation script for RM, he'll just need the project name that has those TPTP JUnits. Once SDD JUnits are ready, Josh to open a bugzilla for Saurabh to incorporate the JUnits into the build.
  • If we continue to have problems with TPTP JUnits, might want to leverage WTP and see how they generate test reports with every build
  • Ruth to send a note to cosmos-dev encouraging people to fill in the postmortem page, and then to schedule a meeting to review that page.

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