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Att: Craig Taylor, Martin, Paul, Leonard, Srinivas, Saurabh, Ruth, Jack, Jason


  • See what we can do to remove the dependency on Axis2


  • Ruth to send out the slides today along with a list of what needs to be in the slides, and send out a separate calendar invitation for next week. Tues 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM
  • bugzilla 246855. This can be done by the end of this week. Orbit? Not for now. Just a download zip to make it clear that this isn't COSMOS code.
  • 216210. Separate document that Jimmy raised a requirement for. Jimmy writing it.
  • 240382. Paul to update.
  • 218825. Paul to check with Jimmy that this is on track.
  • 215135. Able to automate the normal JUnit test cases. Build dashboard you can see the test reports. Saurabh to update the Development - Testpass reports tab with this link: http://build.eclipse.org/technology/cosmos/downloads/builds.php and an explanation that you can see the reports by clicking on the "Test Auto Report" link for a build. Saurabh working with Paul on the inconclusive tests to figure out why they don't work for the automation.
  • 245568 That's been resolved
  • User guide and developer guide on track; i.e., we know there's work to be done in i14
  • weekly status section people to fill in for any significant defects


  • Srinivas sent out the final status to QA. No blocking issues. We did go over a couple of bugs that have been raised and everyone agreed that they could be deferred to i14.
  • Saurabh to promote the i13 driver to a stable iteration driver and tag the release


  • i14 SDD will have ERs.
  • Saurabh to branch CVS at the start of i14. When something needs to be in COSMOS 1.0, goes into both branches. When something needs to be only in COSMOS 1.0 needs to be in only the new branch.
  • DC, DV, to establish a list of bugs that they're targeting to i14. Ruth to change the must do/recommended sections to tables like the previous plans
  • RM all post COSMOS 1.0 (not even in the recommended section). This needs to be stated on the countdown page to be clear.
  • starting in i14, people will need their project lead's permission to check something into the COSMOS 1.0 branch.
  • i14 to start on Monday. From now until the new branch, any changes checked in follow the countdown process, i.e., need approval from the project lead and should be for COSMOS 1.0. Anything for post-COSMOS-1.0 please do not check in until the new branch is open.