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Agenda for this meeting

Minutes for Sept 03, 2008 meeting

Attendees: Paul (minutes), Srinivas, Leonard, Ruth, Martin, Tina, Jimmy, Jack, Saurabh, Domenica, Jason, David

COSMOS Team Changes

  • Ruth said that more discussions were required within IBM to determine ongoing COSMOS project management involvement. Ruth will report back next Comm Call.
  • Meeting with Bjorn will need to be deferred until COSMOS roles are settled

i13 iteration candidate

Data Reporting

  • Martin confirmed as Team Lead for Data Reporting
  • Martin/Jack will update status on i13 status matrix
  • No enhancements outstanding for i13
  • 1 bug outstanding for i13 (245568) Problem with UI concerning "Sample Repository with Query". Martin will have Leonard take a look to assess severity and whether this is a show stopper. Leonard thought he had seen this before.
  • Bug 238345 addressed by Leonard and JT. Fix submitted.
  • Repackaging of DOJO - No ER. Need to get a status from Sheldon/Ruth. Ruth to followup with Sheldon. Not a stop for i13.

Data Collection

  • Jimmy will update status on i13 status matrix
  • No Enhancements outstanding for i13
  • 2 bugs outstanding for i13
    • 228266 - Raised by Saurabh concerning running JUNITS after build cycle. Saurabh said that this was required to fully automate the running of JUNITS against the build. Defer to i14. Paul to update buzilla.
    • 242766 - Create a subset of Axis2 to redistributed with COSMOS. Need to get a status from Hubert/Ruth. Ruth will be following up with Hubert later today (4th Sept). Report next Community call. Not a stop for i13.

Resource Modelling

  • David will update status on i13 status matrix
  • There are a couple of open issues that may not make i13.
  • All code will be submitted in time for the 4:30 EST build today.

Management Enablement

  • Jason will update status on i13 status matrix
  • Jason and co have significant submissions that will be made today. Although not part of the weekly build Jason wants to abide by the schedule.
  • Discussion concerning submission of more than 250 lines code - Does this require a Committer Questionaire (CQ) form. Ruth will check however looks as though signed up committers are OK for more than 250 lines code.

i13 Iteration Build

  • Agreed build should run at 4:30 EST 3 Sept, 2008 to allow for code submissions


  • Hubert and Sheldon previously responsible for running JUNITs and manual tests against the weekly build. As they are no longer available QA have been requested to run any manual tests that are not part of the build.
  • Srinivas agreed to run the additional tests and was already familiar with the DV manual tests.
  • Srinivas will reach out to the team with problems or issues.
  • David will continue to run RM specific manual tests where required.


  • DOJO - some questions from Barbera to Sheldon concerning the DOJO. Sheldon to respond. DOJO is not yet signed off. Ruth will followup with Sheldon.
  • No change in status for other IPZilla's
  • Tina questioned who was responsible for processing and progressing IPzilla's. Ruth stated that any committer could progress however this would normally be the IPzilla owner.


  • Doc review meeting sceduled for Friday 5th Sept, 2008 issues will be reviewed on Friday 5th Sept Doc Review
  • Review to identify missing or redundant doc sections
  • Domenica stated that CA Tech Pub resources may be available to help with the overall presentation and style of the doc but would rely on Subject Matter experts/oweners fo the content and review. David said that this would be part of the Friday review.
  • All agreed that Doc should be a priority for i14 completion.

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