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Att: Jack Leonard Tina Saurabh Jason Srinivas David Craig Paul

Countdown to 1.0

  • need a criteria for which ones are wontfix vs future. future something we have a strong interest now but wontfix but there hasn't been a lot of interest indicated in it.
    • WSDM, OSGi, CBE, and other deprecated code to be wontfix
    • everything else that cannot be contained in 1.0 to be future
    • use i14 for anything not committed to 1.0 but in consideration for 1.0
  • break down the bugzilla list in the countdown page into "must do for 1.0" and "want to do in 1.0 but can drop if necessary"


  • JT, Bill Muldoon inactive for a while
  • Martin, Leonard, Jimmy, Paul active


  • Ruth, Mark, Sheldon, Hubert, Ali inactive for a while.
  • David, Eric, Saurabh remain active
  • Richard Vasconi permanently gone

What to do? Active vs inactive?

  • People who are gone should be removed and people on hiatus leave for now?
  • Jimmy to look for a definition of active - how active do we need to be?

i13 plan

  • API cleaned up? yes
  • Jimmy to assign the remaining ones assigned to JT & Bill in the next little while
  • QA to run the end-to-end testing? yes, already run.
  • proceed, won't promote to a weekly candidate
  • need to arrange for a technical review, get the doc requirements gathered in the next week. Ruth to send a proposal to cosmos-dev (developers who know that their stuff has changed to review the docs for their stuff, make changes to the HTML)