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Att: Jimmy Jagmit Leonard Tina Srinivas Jack Sheldon David


  • everything good


  • got the BVT structure ready. JUnits for the DC module. Publish that on the build site. The build shows the report "Test pass".
  • build runs on the eclipse server
  • for DV, there's some setup that has to be done to run the BVT. It's not straightforward. Sheldon can work with Saurabh on this.
  • Jagmit to set up a meeting with Saurabh, himself, Sheldon, and David to go over what needs to be done for BVT.
  • Sample BVT report


  • David to contact the person to get the files generated and checked in during i13


  • DC complete. Nothing to report.
  • DV. Everything looks good.
  • RM. Better than we thought it would be.
  • ME. Everything looks good. For SDD, we'll get the SPI building first and then the change analyzer components. Issues with Tuscany removal and that's getting cleaned up now. Jason to send Ruth a phase list and we'll track it on the weekly status page.

i13 plan

  • will cover in the Summit

old bugzillas

  • anyone from Compuware on the call? no.
  • what does the community suggest
  • Jimmy to send Ruth a list of which have been removed. Most of them have been open for 4 to 6 months. No plans for them to be touched any time soon. Maybe never.
  • Ruth to create the release readiness for COSMOS 1.0 page. It will have all items, such as cleaning up bugzilla, listed on it.


  • Jimmy raised the issue to Jim a couple of weeks ago. He's had some back and forth with Eclipse. We will probably know by Friday or Monday if they're willing to take any help from us. It might be possible but no guarantees.
  • Ruth to speak with Eclipse Legal, officially request that we trade one of our SDD COSMOS IPZilla position with the log4j position to get log4j earlier in the queue.

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