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Community Meeting July 23 2008

Attendees: Jagmit, Jimmy, Srinivas, Tina, JT, Martin, David, Bill, Paul, Sheldon, Hubert, Jack

COSMOS weekly status

QA status (Srinivas Reddy Doma)

  • Status
  • No update. QA is awaiting the new build.

RE/Build team status(Saurabh Dravid)

  • Status
  • We haven't been able to spin a build due to a build problem (introduced by fixing the bug - 242439). ETA for respin week4 COSMOS i12 candidate is planned for either late tonight or tomorrow morning. Respin depends on 233705

Web/Documentation (Rich Vasconi)

  • Status
  • Ruth updated the agenda for the Community Call today to point to Richard's docs and she proposed that we edit the HTML directly. However, docs are in the PDF file format, they are not editable. Tina commented that she will discuss with Ruth that we might be able to request a small effort from tech writer to convert the docs to HTML format, so that the team can update the docs. We can convert them back to the PDF format after the updates are made.
  • Team proposed to have QA (Srinivas) creates End2End demo page for i12, with instructions based on i11 and updated the sections where QA is aware of the changes. Srinivas agreed to initiate this page after the meeting.
  • There are 3 docs (Dev guide, user guide and Install guide) will be needed for .9 release. Tina will follow up with Ruth to determine who are responsible for the Dev and user guides.

Testing Status of COSMOS Week4 Candidate Driver - COSMOS-1.0.0-200807221137

Data Collection (Paul/Martin/Bill/JT)

  • Paul commented that

the following ERs were completed: 233705, 238298 and 233690. JT needs a candidate build to verify the fix for 238298. It was suggested that JT should check in the code and verify the fixes later. JT agreed to do so after the meeting.

  • Paul will update the table.

Data Visualization (Sheldon Lee-Loy)

  • Two bug fixes will go to the candidate build. They are 241292 and 240982. 241292 was fixed; David is investigating 240982, ETA = noon. It should not hold back for i12.
  • Two ERs will be pushed out to i12, they are 230405 and 229800. They are not needed by adopters at this time. Sheldon will update the table.

Resource Modeling (David Whiteman)

  • David is investigating the repository issue.

Management Enablement (Jason Losh)

  • Bugzilla status [1]

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