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Attendees: Jagmit, Jimmy, Jason, Srinivas, Tina, Leonard, JT, David, Bill, Paul, Sheldon, Ruth

i12 planning status of SDD?

Jason: been a lot of work aligning SDD with P2. Reconcile a lot of things. Had a conversation with Mark Weitzel prior to this call on how to proceed. There is a lot of overlap with our runtime design and what has been implemented in P2. Need to flush the SDD elements into P2. Get a sense from Mark on whether build out P2 or treat it as a white box and build on top of it. Plan is to treat it as a white box and see if we can get a SDD runtime driver up and running on P2 and then see how much code can be submitted to P2 as patches. Answer is that we still don't have a discrete set of ERs.


  • the few problems are blocking. The fix is ready? Yes. The report generation problem is tracked under 240983 and that was fixed yesterday. A respin needs to happen.
  • Srinivas to check re: refresh also affect this one, add a comment to staff01, staff02 bug.
  • staff01 and staff02 queries defined not a stop ship. Refresh and it shows up. Sheldon and Srinivas agree
  • Hubert fixed the configDemo.bat problem. Need a respin.


  • these are the bugs that we discussed already.


  • all test failures and N/A are due to the SML code being in flux right now

New candidate build

  • all fixed checked in and the workaround is fine for both Srinivas and Sheldon. Jagmit to kick off a new build ASAP.


  • Bjorn confirmed that we can release COSMOS 0.9 with SDD in "research" stage, which means that SDD won't be in COSMOS 0.9 and its IPZillas do not need to be cleared for 0.9
  • Do its IPZillas need to be cleared for 1.0? Yes if we want to release SDD in 1.0.
  • SDD may be dropping Drools, which means that the IPZilla for Drools and MVEL will be dropped. We could be down to needing approval for 3 (2240, 2309, 2026) for 0.9 and 4 (2315, 2316, 2472, 2473) for 1.0, with 2 dropped (2319, 2320)
  • We should know by next week if SDD is dropping Drools or not

Running JUnits on the build server

  • run BVT on something other than the build server to get around the environment problems on the build machine?
  • CA will have problems running BVT on their machine due to a firewall.
  • IBM Toronto has a machine that isn't booting right now; Jagmit to get someone to look at it and to ask Bobby, once this machine is available, how much time to complete this work item.

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