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Attendees: Paul, David, Martin, Ruth, Sheldon, Yan, Srinivas, Leonard, Rich, Jack, Jeff

Changing the format of the Community call, weekly status page

  • get an update on what's going on across the components
  • Ruth to ask Saurabh and Jagmit to use this new template



  • 235440 critical fixed late yesterday. If we rebuild then we should be good. Suspect that there's a couple of bugs that are checked in either late today or yesterday. Think that the bugs that were checked in wasn't much change so the risk to respin is probably low in terms of finding problems.


  • David might have a fix for his bug in ME.


  • on the DC call yesterday Hubert didn't say that there were any bugs raised as part of his testing. Paul to update that on this page when he speaks with Hubert.


  • small piece of the actual extraction for the SDD and COSMOS demo checked in. there are some JUnit tests for that but do not think that they're on track to be submitted with the code.
  • team needs to run the JUnits manually because there's problems running the JUnits automatically as part of the build
  • new driver to be spun in a couple of hours

Data Collection

  • meeting set up with Toni Nadalin on Thursday
  • 229426 logging in data managers. Team had some ideas on how that can be improved slightly. Hubert was going to take that away and make those changes.
  • 228960 talked about providing a mechanism for having unique MDR IDs that would be available to the UI and the conversation is ongoing.
  • iteration candidate at risk? No.

Data Visualization

  • 229800 Documenting the services. This is at risk to be pushed to i12. Basically providing Javadoc for the COSMOS UI services. Javadoc is mandatory for our release 0.9 so i12 is fine but not beyond then.
  • 222709 not containable. blocked by a DC bug, 223690. Defer to i12.
  • upgrading to Dojo 1.1. These are improving usability with the UI. Sheldon to follow up with Mark re: Dojo 1.1, officially defer post 0.9 or post 1.0. Would also require more testing existing stuff might break.
  • 229083 additional work for security was done and there was another enhancement that Sheldon is working on now (234739) that caused this enh to be pushed out
  • 234035 creating a report based on CMDBf information. Haven't done any design work for this.
  • 222504 allow UI to display query requests. Might get into i11 depending on whether Sheldon can complete 234379 or not. If complete today then can get 222504 in for i11. but it's at risk.
  • 211093 time constraints.
  • Ruth to create a wiki page for an i12 plan. Once the list above is finalized, Sheldon et. al. to update the i12 plan so that we can review it in the Summit.

Resource Modeling

  • had the meeting yesterday. Ali's plan is focus on the enh assigned to him. He was planning to focus on enh until the end of our dev't cycle and then work on the defects during the test cycle and attach them as patches. Just because that's what his schedule is allowing for.
  • David tends to be conservative in reporting status but he's also marked his items as at risk because he does have an enh to complete in the Management Enablement subproject. 200423 most important because that affects our overall status when running JUnits under TPTP. Cautiously optimistic that he can address that one while the others are dark orange.
  • Mark of SAS has agreed to look at locating SML documents remotely. At risk just because he's new to the code base and it's a tall order to get a first defect done that quickly.

Management Enablement

  • SDD work the at risk there is we're still in the middle of finalizing the design document. Gotten some feedback there. Getting the initial runtime in by next Wed is ambitious. Wise for us to move this to the next iteration.
  • David: contextual help depends on the documentation. As soon as the doc plug-in is ready he can complete that. As soon as Rich has the documentation plug-in about a two hour task to hook up the UI so that contextual help is ready.
  • 230282 very nice to have but will take a back seat to the Resource Modeling one (JUnit test failure).

- Ruth to create the i12 wiki page, move the ones that we don't think that we'll aim for onto i12 just to reduce the noise on the i11 status page


  • still working on running the JUnit, that's on track
  • update site done. One defect integrating those update site details to finish.
  • anything at risk or should be moved to i12? only the JUnit can be moved because facing some problems setting it up on the eclipse server. Need a different version of Ant that's in the platform and that could take legal approval. Also facing some problems running the JUnits; they work fine as plain JUnit but not as TPTP JUnits.
  • after the candidate build is done Saurabh can run the JUnits until we fix the problem on the eclipse build server
  • automated the test projects (CMDBf services, Resource Modeling), looking to automate the data collection framework.
  * Sheldon: there are some JUnits. 
  * David: Management Enablement. Should be on the initial list that Bobby was working from.
  * SDD tests don't exist yet but they will (FYI)
  • Saurabh to run the tests on the respun candidate driver, compare the reports to the manually run reports and see if there's any unexpected discrepancies


  • assume scope the same as i10
  • David: we have some eclipse tooling that is not currently being tested by QA. Would like QA to start testing these.
  • David to post the information on the wiki page and then Srinivas to send a meeting invitation
  • Sheldon: when we have new enhancements, do we have to update this page with a description of the new tests? New work flows that aren't being addressed. What happens is that we create TPTP manual tests. Do we need to also update this wiki page as well or does QA go through the manual tests and update the wiki page? Development needs to notify QA of any new manual tests and then QA will update the wiki page from those tests.
  • close to finish the end to end documentation and then will open it for review in a couple of days


  • web components are on track
  • doc components are on track
  • user guide/dev't guide quite a few at risk.
  • 216655 not sure what to do with that one. This is a nice-to-have.
  • other ones they have until the end of the week to get Richard the information.
  • For installation, how will someone know how to install it? Do we have that documented anywhere?
  • 219156 was moved out. Part pending because the installation story will change once the update manager and SDD components will be in place. Question is whether we could document our current approach. Is that already written up on the wiki? We had stuff like that in the past not sure if it's current or if we could find it.
  • Ruth to create a separate enhancement to get just the current process documented in a wiki. Easiest is to dig up what we had in the past and update it. Hubert would know about that.

  • Rich leaving COSMOS at the end of June. Rich wants to close out what he has.

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