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Minutes - March 27, 2008 COSMOS Community Call

Attendees: David, Rich, Saurabh, Sheldon, Ruth, JT

Meeting swap:

  • Based on the dev-list postings from David and Paul, Tania proposed that we move the Architecture call to Thursdays at 10am ET, the DV/DV call to Wednesdays at 10am ET, and the Community calls to Wednesdays at 11am ET.
  • Is 11am on Wednesday too late for QA, since they usually attend the Community calls? In the past they have said that any meetings before noon were okay. Also, having the DV/DC call before the Community call is a better approach for getting the latest status.
  • It may make sense to have separate DC & DV calls (2 30-minute meetings). There has not seemed to be much overlap between the two topics.
  • We can also reduce the RM meeting to 30 minutes

New proposal for status reporting:

  • Rather than spending time in meetings going through detailed status, we could piggyback on the integration build status page and have sections for each subproject with status for enhancements and blocking bugs
  • Valid values for status can be Green (on track), Yellow (at risk), Red (behind). The colors may be confusing, so we should stick with the words.
  • Ruth will update the wiki template
  • Tania will post this proposal to the mailing list

i10 enhancements that need additional resources:

  • Tania will set up a meeting for 10am tomorrow to walk through the i10 items that require additional resources and reassign them to team members who have the bandwidth and skill to take them on.
  • We may need to add an additional enhancement to list: 220955 - Deregister data managers from the broker. The broker needs to be rewritten.
  • David has one that may be of concern - he will investigate before tomorrow.


  • Consider the User Guide content locked as of April 1
  • There may be some User Guide changes related to one of the DV i10 enhancements that Sheldon wants to get in, and some of the usability enhancements. Rich will have several reviews, so there will be an opportunity to make changes to the content between now and April 16.
  • Changes that come in between now and April 16 can be posted on the wiki in a different color. Team should notify Rich to check the wiki when they post changes.
  • We wanted to include contextual help in the UI components for CMDBf. We will copy the content of the UI component of 2.0 Constructing a Data Manager from the Developer's Guide to the User's Guide for the purposes of the contextual help. There may be a way to hide the visibility in the actual User's Guide, or we may add this as an appendix. Rich will investigate and determine the best option.
  • Because we are on a tight schedule for the Developer's Guide, Rich will either ask developers to use a tool to create content in DITA format, or provide a format template for developers to use.
  • Rich will move developers guide date to the week of 4/21, since 4/15 is the day before the i10 code freeze.
  • We need to resolve the question about whether or not we need to notify the user of the Dojo download. This may affect the User's Guide. We should not have silent downloading, so we would need to pop up a dialog. We should make this change if we don't hear from Legal in the next week (by 4/4).

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