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Minutes - February 14, 2008 COSMOS Community Call

Attendees: Kishore, Ruth, Mark, Jason, Tania, Jagmit, Jack, Hubert, Don, David, Paul, Saurabh, Jimmy


  • Post content outlines for the documentation on the wiki by 2/22 (User & Installation Guides) and 2/28 (Developers Guide) - All
  • Coordinate Logging and Messaging input - Paul
  • Post proposal for revised integration build code cutoff times to dev list - Tania
  • Review TPTP process with Ruth and post proposal for handling enhancement verification - Tania


  • ERs have been created for major doc sections
  • Rich recommends .png files for all graphics
  • Anything going to the online help will go to DITA. Anything that will be web only (Developers guide, Users guide) will be pulled into a PDF file.
  • Team should post their outlines and content on the wiki. Rich will put the input for the first draft from there.
  • Once Rich has pulled it into the correct format, he will post a statement on the wiki page stating that the page is now closed and will provide a link to the file in CVS so that people can review the latest version of the document.
  • There are two sections in the Users Guide that have not been assigned: API documentation, and Logging and Messaging
  • JavaDoc is already generated as part of the build process and would probably be too large to include in the doc, so we will remove this section from the Users Guide.
  • We need to determine what it takes to make our JavaDoc available in Eclipse - Ruth will update ER 216655 to cover this.
  • Logging and messaging - Developers in each area should have a sense for the logging and messaging they generate. Paul will take ownership of getting this information out on the wiki.
  • Content outlines for the Users Guide and Installation Guide are due Friday, February 22. First draft of content is due March 10. Content outlines for the Developers Guide are due Wednesday, February 28. First draft of content is due Thursday, March 27.

i9 Status

Resource Modeling:

  • 205825 is orange (Ali) - He has made some progress, but there is still a lot to be done. Valentina is helping with test cases
  • 208274 is orange (David) - Making good progress, but there is still a lot to be done. If David is not making more progress by EOD tomorrow, he will let Tania know. We may be able to work with Mark to reprioritize some of Hubert's work so that he can help David.

Data Collection:

  • 214903 & 215267 are green (Ali) - Ali just needs to complete the documentation
  • Running MDR outside OSGi is green (Hubert)
  • JAX-WS (Hubert) - Has done some research and created a prototype. Not sure if there will be code generated for this iteration
  • Don and Joel discussed both the doc and some of the work that's in progress - Joel is on track

Data Visualization:

  • 214672 on target (Bill)
  • 214794 on track (Sheldon)
  • 214145 (Martin) - Martin was having trouble with COSMOS UI framework and Sheldon was able to answer his questions. We believe he is still on track for that enhancement


  • We are working on creating enhancement requests
  • We had a discussion about aligning the SDD rutime with some existing runtimes (e.g. P2). Jason will send an invite to the community for a meeting on Friday to do a deep dive into P2
  • When will we know exactly how SDD and COSMOS 1.0 will intersect? Target is for that to be done by the end of this month after we get the final answers on our runtime discussions.

Integration build code cutoff changes:

  • During yesterday's architecture call, it was proposed that we move code cutoff for the weekly integration build from 4:00 p.m. ET on Tuesdays to 12:00 p.m. ET on Tuesdays to allow the team time to run the JUnit tests before the Wednesday morning architecture call.
  • We should post integration build changes to the dev-list to make sure everyone is aware and get +1 votes. Tania will do this.
  • We also need to make sure developers are aware of the code cutoff so they don't check in code after the build has started. We may need to tag everything before starting the build so that the build only pulls code that is tagged. Hubert, Jagmit and Tania will take this offline and come up with a proposal. Tania will include the resolution in the dev-list post.

Process Discussion:

  • We need to determine who should verify enhancements once a developer has checked in the code and marked it fixed. The ideal would be to have someone other than the developer who wrote the code handle verification of the enhancement.
  • Perhaps we should have a peer review. Since the project leads are reviewing enhancements anyway, maybe they should verify the enhancements.
  • We would like to understand how other projects, like TPTP, handle this. Tania will talk to Ruth and come up with a proposal.