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Community Call Minutes - January 31, 2008

Attendees: Tania, Jagmit, Rich, Paul, David, Chris, Jimmy, Domenica, Ruth

QA Postmortem:

  • We should start with very clearly defining the scope of what QA should do in a given iteration.

Example: The expectation is that the JUnits or manual test cases must be in place as part of the ER in bugzilla. In most cases the information existed, but pointers were not available in bugzilla.

  • Maybe we should have a specific handoff meeting. As code complete approaches, all bugzilla entries should be reviewed.
  • Rather than having a separate meeting we should do the following: Once the developer has marked an enhancement closed, the project leaders should inspect them to confirm that JUnit or manual test information has been included. This will be verified at the subproject meeting. Then, the hand-off to QA will happen as part of the Community Call. Each subproject lead will indicate whether or not they are ready and all JUnits are in place during this call.
  • We need to specify what needs to be done by development and RE. Otherwise, tasks creep into QA.
  • The weekly integration builds will help prevent some of the problems we ran into at the end of i8. This is listed as a process change in the RE document. Weekly integration builds should be added to the development process.
  • We need to determine which RE tasks are realistic to have in place by 2/22
    • Critical items for i9: weekly integration builds, continuous build loops, continuous running of the JUnits. Running the JUnits is probably not containable for i9.
  • As part of the subproject meetings, the leads need to check with the teams to enforce process changes, such as checking the build and comminicating problems.

Build Wish List:

  • Having developers check daily builds for breaks would be too much overhead. Jagmit should post an e-mail to the dev-list listing the packages that had compile errors. Developers should review these notes and act on them. We should use key words, like "build break", in the subject line of the e-mail so the team can easily filter those notes.
  • Subproject leads should verify that everyone has checked in their code
  • Everyone checks in code by EOD (4pm) on Tuesday, so the integration build can be run and ready at 9am Wednesday morning
  • We should add a new link on the downloads page that says integration build. Jagmit will also post a message to cosmos-dev when the integration build is ready.

Running JUnits:

  • When the development team closes off an ER, they should have already run the JUnits. QA will focus on the E2E test. There is no expectations for the QA team to re-run the JUnits that development has already run.
  • Before we declare a stable driver, someone should have run all the JUnits on the integrated build.
  • After the weekly integration build has been announced, have the component leads coordinate having the JUnits run and that person can announce that their component is clear - not having to submit TPTP results until the iteration candidate build will save time.
  • A lot of code was checked in at the end of i8. We should try to enforce checking in small pieces of code throughout the iteration. Non-committers should attach patches in plenty of time for committers to get them checked in. Subproject leads need to check that everyone is getting their patches in and ensure that the committers are getting code in.

4 things as a consideration for i9 QA:

  • QA will need to verify that all Junits were run, but will not re-run the JUnits
  • QA will need to run the E2E tests that development will define before i9 is code complete
  • QA will publish the platforms that will be tested
  • QA will publish the configurations that will be tested
  • Open question: We need to determine whether or not JUnits will be run on all platforms. Most developers are not set up to do this.

Other topics:

  • Tania will update the development process to include the changes we have discussed today. We will review the development process during the Feb. 8 summit.
  • We did not have time for Rich to go through the documentation plan, so Tania will schedule a meeting for early next week for this review
  • Tania and Jimmy will connect offline about the EclipseCon presentations
  • There are a number of i8 bugs that have not yet been closed. Subproject leads should help drive cleanup. Tania will contact individuals as needed.
  • The revised weekly meeting schedule is posted on the wiki. Tania will ask Mark to send a new notice for the Architecture/DC/DV call.
  • No issues were raised for i9 deliverables. Paul will confirm with Bill that 215123 is targetted for Feb. 5.

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