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Community Call Minutes - January 16, 2008

Attendees: Tania, Jimmy, JT, Mark, Hubert, David, Jack, Valentina


  • Add postmortem for QA to the agenda for next week - Tania

i8 Development Postmortem:

  • Suggestion that we put more emphasis on complex dependencies. We need to try to get those into the build earlier.
  • We need to set our code cutoff for Wednesday and run builds on Wednesday to provide some buffer between development and test and to avoid running into the weekend.
  • If we are committing less than 100 lines at a time as we're supposed to, we shouldn't have some of the collisions that we experienced. We should try to committ smaller chunks on a more regular basis.
  • We should identify the complex ERs up front and prioritize them, and do the integration earlier in the cycle.

i8 status:

  • Hubert: Bill checked in code yesterday, but the build did not work. So, we do not have a stable build. Hopefully we will have the build by the end of the day. Hubert will be in close contact with Bill and John. The web client is not in the build, but the command line client can be used to start testing.
  • Shivy has started looking at the JUnits. She is trying to do all of the JUnits this week, with the expectation that come Monday she will have a stable build and she can dedicate next week to the E2E testing.


  • We will continue the M2 use case discussion tomorrow. Jack will be sending the invite for this meeting.

Web updates:

  • Rich has made some updates to the web site.
  • If you see additional changes that need to be made, open a bug against the cosmos.web component and Rich will make the updates.
  • Rich is also working on an ID plan that he will review with the team.