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November 29, 2007 - COSMOS Community Call

Attendees: Tania, Valentina, Jagmit, Sheldon, Bobby, David, Mark, Balan, Don


  • Follow up with Jimmy to get a draft of the Security review posted in preparation for the December summit - Tania
  • Add links to the Eclipse Dev Process and Bug Lifecycle to the COSMOS Dev Process and post update to mailing list - Tania
  • Clean up i7 bugzilla entries - All

Monthly Summit:

  • There are currently only 2 items on the agenda for the December Summit: Q/A approach and Security review
  • We need to get a draft of the Security review out there - Tania will follow up with Jimmy to see where he is with this
  • Suggestions for additional agenda topics:
    • i8 enhancements
    • E2E scenario - making sure the E2E is in alignment with the enhancements
    • Release Engineering plan - we need to have an exact release engineering plan in place for i8. The RE team is not able to attend all the COSMOS meetings where RE requirements may come up. Therefore, the team should communicate requirements to RE team through the wiki or bugzilla enhancements

COSMOS Development Process:

  • The COSMOS Development Process document should be the point of reference for all COSMOS processes. If the subproject, test, QA or RE teams are creating processes, they should link to them from the Development Process document.
  • During the architecture call today, Mark posted updates to the defect fixing and validation steps.
  • We should put something out on the mailing list to let people know that we made updates.
  • We should add links to the Eclipse development process and the Bug lifecycle. Tania will add these links and post an update to the dev mailing list.

SDD Vote:

  • Tania wanted to remind the team to post their votes on the SDD proposal. The vote is open to all COSMOS committers.

i7 Cleanup:

  • There are quite a few i7 bugs that are still open. Team should focus on cleaning them up over the next week. After that point, Tania will begin following up with people to complete the cleanup.
  • There was some confusion as to whether or not i7 was officially closed. Going forward, Tania will schedule a 15-minute closeout meeting at the end of each iteration so that the team can confirm that all exit criteria have been satisfied and we all agree that we can close on the iteration. After that meeting, Tania will post a message to the mailing list indicating the official close of the iteration.

Other discussion:

  • We no longer need to distribute Dojo. The Data Visualization code now references the Dojo on the Content Delivery Network.
  • During today's architecture call, we discussed ideas on how to make the COSMOS work more easily consumable. We want to ship a preconfigured package or possibly a VMware image. Bobby will open a bugzilla against the RE team, so they can begin exploring our options.
  • The Data Visualization team has a dependency on the error handling enhancement. When will that be finalized? Mark will finish this soon.