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Community Call Minutes - August 2, 2007

Attendees: Tania, Jagmit, Oliver, Rich, Don, Toni, Valentina, David

Action Items:

  • Tania & Toni will check with Mark to determine when we will be ready to schedule the requirements review meeting
  • Balan will post move review package to devlist
  • Toni will check with Mark on status of IPzilla requests

Data Collection - Don

  • Yesterday's architecture call was focused on data collection issues
  • We are working to clarify the roadmap for the next few iterations and setting priorities. Also, working on setting up feature requests for the newer components and working on designing those components

Resource Modeling - David

  • We have been continuing to work on our defect backlog and have made some good progress. We've taken care of some things that will help the performance and behavior of the SML tooling.

Discussion: Moving enhancements to appropriate iterations/Date for requirements review meeting

  • i5 & i6 have been added to Bugzilla. We need to add the remaining iterations.
  • Both the Data Collection and Resource Modeling teams would defer to Mark to determine how long they need to map the current feature enhancements to the appropriate iterations. He has a better handle on where we stand
  • We should devote time on next week's architecture call to determine where we stand and start laying out the plan
  • We are planning to have SAS come in with their proposal during next week's Community Call, so we will not be able to perform the requirements review during that time slot.
  • Toni and Tania will check with Mark to determine whether or not we should schedule a separate requirements review meeting next week, or defer to the 8/16 Community Call.

Other discussion:

  • Toni nominated Balan to join as a committer to the COSMOS project as we move the web services components to COSMOS. Current committers should go out and vote. There are now 3 positive votes. Assuming there are no negative votes in the next week, the nomination should be confirmed. The next step is to get approval from Bjorn.
  • Welcome to Balan. We'll get him added to the invite for these meetings.
  • Balan will post the move review package on the mailing list in the next few days.

  • There are currently 3 outstanding IPzilla entries that we need to talk to Mark about resolving.
  • We also need to hash out how the pre-built demo will be packaged in the long run. This may have some implications on some IP request we have to make at some point.
  • There are broad issues that Mark should discuss with the Legal team because we're in the process of pulling in non-Eclipse code that we're integrated with. Some process on how we do that would be helpful. Perhaps Janet can help.

Build - Jagmit

  • Jagmit has made small changes to the build report - added javadoc for internal resource modeling. He and Hubert will be working on hosting xx on Eclipse server.
  • If you have some things to be done for the build site, he can work on those.

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