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Attendees: Tania, Chris, Oliver, Valentina, Rich, Toni, Mark, Craig, Sheldon


  • During next architecture call we need to determine which platforms should be covered in iteration testing - Mark
  • The Data Collection team needs discuss how to break down bug 180322 into smaller pieces and provide an update to Tania for the release plan - Don
  • The Data Visualization team needs review their feature list for the June release, and provide an update to Tania for the release plan - Craig
  • Valentina needs to work with Tania to make sure all Resource Modeling features for the June release are reflected in the release plan. - Valentina/Tania
  • Rich will open bugzilla entries for the project overviews. - Rich

Review of COSMOS Release Plan Draft:


  • We plan to have builds several times per week
  • We should plan to have 1 week of testing at the end of each iteration
  • We need to determine the number of platforms that need to be tested - we should add this to the discussion for the architecture calls
  • We need to determine what should happen if you finish iteration testing early. We need to balance the ability to allow some activity to progress while we shut down the previous iteration.
  • Suggestion: Projects should send a note to the group once they've completed iteration testing. Once everyone has finished, we can tag the candidate build and can start checking in code for the next iteration.
  • Team agreed to use this suggested process. Tania will update the release plan to reflect this.


  • Team agreed that the themes described accurately represent the themes for the June release

Project Designs

  • Rich has received the overview for the Data Collection project, and will open bugs to request overviews for the other projects. Tania will work with Rich to synch up the web site overviews with those in the release plan


  • Mark created a "future" release in bugzilla. The team should move any bugs not planned for the June release to future.
  • Bug 180322 should be broken into smaller pieces, some of which will be implemented in the June release, others will be implemented in a future release. 180322 should be moved to future, and new bugs should be created for the pieces that will be delivered this release. This will be discussed in the Data Collection meeting on Tuesday. Once this has been done, Tania will update the release plan.
  • There are additional features to be added to the Data Visualization list. This will be discussed during the next Data Visualization meeting.
  • There are some Resource Modeling features that were completed before the release was set up in bugzilla. These should be added to the plan. Tania will work with Valentina to make the updates.


  • We are currently out of compliance with the rules for an incubation project
  • Each project needs to go to the manifest file and change the bundle name to include "incubation". Project leads should do this ASAP and post a note to the dev-list to confirm that the updates are complete. Toni will then go back to Anne to let her know we are now in compliance.

Build Resource:

  • Hubert is only focused on the resource modeling build
  • No one else on the team understands how TPTP builds are done.
  • Data Collection has no plug-ins, but has 6 projects each of which needs a jar file. No one on the Data Collection team has the infrastructure to run the build process (unless we move to ANT to do builds)
  • The problem is that we have no one assigned to be a release engineering lead.
  • Joel agreed to look into how the Corona project is building their components, however, we're not sure how close that is to the TPTP process. The TPTP builds are done on a Linux system, which the Data Collection team does not have at their disposal.
  • Toni will be having a discussion with Hubert's manager. If anyone has someone that can work on this part of the project, please let Toni know.
  • Joel may be able to help if we can simplify the build process.

Web Updates:

  • Richard posted a summary of the remaining work items for the web site
  • Don brought up the fact that we need to balance when we do things on the wiki vs. the web site. Is there a way to indicate the freshness of the information?
  • Rich plans to take most of the items off the wiki and move them to the web site
  • Maybe we can put structured documents in CVS and version them. This way we only have to update things in one place
  • Rich will send templates for each item he needs input on