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Attendees: Toni, Tania, Don, Craig, Rich, Oliver, Valentina


  • Craig will work with Sheldon to open a feature for the resource modeling work related to data reporting
  • Toni will grant the project leaders access to the web site component
  • Rich will make updates to the web site per the comments from today's meeting
  • Those who will be building components should review the data collection documentation and provide feedback to Don and Joel

Review of Actions from last week:

  • Toni did receive the elevator pitch from Oliver. She wants to review it with the marketing rep tomorrow before posting it to the web site
  • Toni and Mark discussed the build issues and getting web site current. As for data collection & visualization, the focus should be on getting features into bugzilla and getting them pulled into the web page
  • The Resource Modeling status has been updated on the planning page on the wiki

Resource Modeling - Valentina

  • By end of April we will have the last function completed and will begin ongoing defect fixes
  • Next, we will focus on testing the SML validation work
  • The last step will be to add a definition clause
  • We plan to have an initial draft by next week to give to the Data Collection team, as well as a set of definitions for bug support
  • The final version will be done by the end of April
  • So, our current focus is on SML definition and SML validation
  • We need another feature opened because there are 2 scenarios. We already have one open for the data collection piece. We need a feature for Data reporting and UI - Craig will work with Sheldon to do this.

Data Collection - Don

  • We are pretty much on track for the March 30 deliverables.
  • One snag: We need an automated build and automated testing facilities set up. We've asked Hubert to work with what's there in CVS and to contact Joel with any concerns, but have not gotten much response so far.
  • The documentation for how to build components is not in place. Don would like to solicit comments from potential component builders on what they need in that area. Help defining the nature of the deliverable would be useful. Not sure who the component builders are for the next iteration.
  • We should try to figure out what will happen in that iteration (e.g. resource availability and who should be doing what)
  • Code deliverables have been in place for about a week. Unfortunately, we haven't gotten any feedback on the code or requirements to build, adopt or use the code.
  • Toni:From a build perspective, Mark referenced one defect assigned to Hubert. Hubert assured Toni he would be updating that today with status (173354).
  • Don: I asked Hubert for status on Tues. Hubert said he has a build working on the side, but has not checked it in yet. Don would encourage anyone that needs something from Don and Joel, don't be shy.
  • Valentina: Hubert posted a comment today. He should have an upload process and download web site for COSMOS
  • Don: Joel has been working on creating more tests. Once we figure out the test automation framework, Joel has some things he can check in. But, we need to finalize what adopters will need for documentation. If people who will be building components can look at code and existing doc and tell us where the gaps are, that would be useful.
  • Toni: Are there features in bugzilla that they can use to give feedback on?
  • Don: We are just using one big feature for this iteration. If there is a need to open more granular bugs, we can. People should e-mail or call Joel if they have feedback.
  • A single enhancement request (177821) was opened for the iteration 2 deliverables that we are concluding now. Don has not yet opened bugs for future iterations.
  • The best process for providing feedback is to use bugzilla to open a feature and add comments to that feature.
  • How do I know who to assign defects to? Component owners will get defects by default and can assign defects to others as appropriate.
  • Suggestion: we should add a process page where we tell committers, project leads, etc. what we expect them to do on a daily basis, and more clearly define the process for the work they are deploying. The current Work Tasks link explains some of the tasks. We could add to this.
  • Richard will work with Valentina gather TPTP process data and update the COSMOS web site.

Data Reporting/Data Visualization - Craig

  • Craig will try to update the status table by EOD tomorrow
  • Sheldon has put together version 0.1 of the Data Visualization design for the June deliverable
  • Craig will be entering the feature request for this work, which will get assigned to Steve by default
  • In April we will be focusing on framework and component design and framework implementation
  • Component work will go on in May
  • June will be used for refactoring and documentation, and QA testing

Toni: Do you still need work from Resource Modeling? Craig: Yes, we need a data access layer the data visualization component will use to read the resource model.

Web Page Walk Through - Rich

  • Rich has been trying to reorganize things on the web page and delete things off of the wiki page

Users section

  • What is COSMOS? This document currently says "Proposal". Does this need to change? If so, let Rich know.
  • COSMOS demo - Rich should work with Mark Weitzel to get latest demo posted
  • FAQs- Rich is looking for input for these questions. If you have any responses or questions to add, send them to Rich in a note
    • The project leaders should have CVS access for this component so that they can make changes. Toni will grant this access.
    • Toni captured questions for folks in the audience at EclipseCon. We can add those to this page
  • Rich is still working on the Downloads page. Updates should be completed by Monday.


  • Downloads - This link should point to the same page as the Downloads link refereced under Users. Rich will make this change
  • Approved release plan - Mark is pulling together an overall architecutre picture for June release. Once we get that, we will get something posted out here.
  • Planning process - This is where we can put processes
  • Archives - Rich puts anything he deletes in this section
  • EclipseCon link - This should point you to COSMOS-specific information rather than the general EclipseCon page. Rich will make this change
  • Rich is working on creating frames within PHP files, which is a little more difficult that html files.


  • Rich is slowly moving things out to the web site
  • Meeting agendas and minutes should stay on the wiki for now, until we get Tania another level of access
  • If there is anything else that can be removed from wiki, let Rich know
  • Project leads, if there is information that's missing or incorrect, open a bugzilla entry so that Rich can make changes