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Attendees: Toni, Tania, Oliver, Steve, Mark, Rich, Seava


  • Oliver will send Toni a copy of the elevator pitch statement, and will open a bug against the web site to get the statement posted
  • Mark and Toni will meet to discuss follow up plans for Data Collection and Data Visualization project planning
  • Steve will send Toni a link to the Resource Modeling plan

  • Toni has recruited Tania from another project to assist with agendas, minutes and action items.

Elevator Pitch Update - Oliver

  • The elevator pitch statement has been finalized and everyone is in agreement with the statement for the June deliverables.
  • Oliver will get the statement posted to the web site

Data Collection & Data Visualization Project Planning - Mark

  • Data Collection - Mark updated Don's document and sent it to Don and Joel for review. He asked them to start breaking it down into parts so that Hubert can start executing on them. We also need Joel to check in the code. We need to follow up and find out where they are, as this is preventing Hubert and Ali from consuming that part of the Data Collection framework.
  • Data Virtualization - Mark met with Craig and Sheldon and should be opening some more detailed defects soon
  • We would like to get the critical dates for June set by the end of this month. Toni will get together with Mark tomorrow to discuss what follow-up needs to be done and come up with a new list of dates.

Resource Modeling - Steve

  • We are still waiting for a set of requirements to identify exactly what needs to be done
  • Mark - We talked yesterday about describing what the GLA would look like. We can start by describing what GLA would look like in SML. We can take a quick first pass and update the running demo we have to incorporate the logging info via GLA and make a reference to a logging agent. That will make it a little more realistic.
  • Mark opened a defect related to this. He is willing to get the GLA team on a call to help us get started. We're not looking for perfection, just a next step.
  • Valentina had also been talking about expanding validation and moving into the editor capabilities. The team is continuing to execute on this.
  • We need to follow up with Hubert on getting builds out on an update manager site so that people can easily get the SML tooling, etc.
  • The plans depend on the timeline of the development of the standard model. Steve should work with Valentina and Mark and get the plan out to the web. There is a plan on the web site that was created a few weeks ago. Steve will send Toni a link.

Web Site Updates - Rich

  • Rich has been working on the Release Under Development Plans page that will contain development plans and project status. The project status section is complete. He is still working on the development plans section, which will include a download section for code. The link to the new page is on the wiki under Developer Resource -> Releases Under Development Plans. [1]
  • Once we have the release plans and detailed schedule, Rich will add those to this page
  • Rich has also been spending much of his time updating the TPTP web site

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