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Attendees: Toni, Tania, Rich, Don, Mark, Craig, Valentina, Seava, Chris, Oliver

Next Steps

  • Open feature requests first, then distill what we need from existing documents to create design documents
  • Mark will have a draft of the architecture overview by Tues.
  • Oliver will schedule a time to begin working on the elevator pitch

Data Collection - Don

  • Trying to figure out what to do with the information. He prepared an outline for a plan, but we never discussed that proposal in detail. *Where should he put it? How do we want to discuss? Should he open a bug?
  • We should put information on the web page and also open feature requests and assign them to an iteration. This way we can track the features in Bugzilla
  • We can model the web site after the TPTP web site

- For example, go to the TPTP site: http://www.eclipse.org/tptp/ - Click Development plans... - Under Release 4.4.0 Project status, Click All Projects: Enhancements - Select the 4.4 I2 enhancements. This tells you what features are in Iteration 2

  • We need to have a similar page for COSMOS. Richard can make this update. Valentina can help him.
  • Don should open enhancements for the following components: framework for query, framework for control, collection, TPTP example usage, Nagios
  • Data collection framework, TPTP, Nagios, and SNMP agent should all be priority 1 at this point. We can either make all features the same priority and change them as needed, or try to prioritize them up front.

Resource Visualization - Craig

  • Have not yet identified week by week deliverables. They have identified some work items, which he will add to the wiki
  • Still digesting a design & architecture built on the data collection work

  • There is a description document that gets checked into the web page for each feature request.
  • This design document describes the function you want to get from COSMOS, and the size of the work. Once you start working on it, you may want to go back and describe what you have done to implement the request.


  • Iteration 2 was scheduled to end 4/6 (code complete: 3/30)
  • Iteration 3 scheduled to end 5/18 (code complete 4/30)
  • Iteration 4 code complete 5/30
  • March - framework
  • April - things going on framework
  • May - lower priority components, things necessary for demonstration to adopters (bug fixes, documentation, samples)
  • June - testing, fixing, packaging

Web site

  • Richard is busy with TPTP updates (converting files to PHP)
  • He has been fixing bugzilla defects, so there are currently none outstanding
  • Target completion of web site updates for Wednesday, March 21 so we can review in Thursday's call

Elevator Pitch

  • We would like to get Oliver to start working on elevator pitch
  • First, we need to identify our target market (which is currently our respective companies). We need to determine the intersection points across the companies
  • Oliver will set up a time over the next week to pull that together