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  • Project Status - project leaders
  • Review output/summary of f2f working sessions - Mark Weitzel
  • Build Infrastructure
    • We are getting code out in CVS. We'll need to establish the build and driver process. Of course, this means we'll need to find a volunteer to undertake this task.
  • Review EclipseCon status
    • Our short talk was accepted.
      • Ref: We are happy to accept your short talk - "Introducing COSMOS: A Systems Management Framework" - for EclipseCon 2007.
    • Our panel discussion has been rejected.
      • Ref: given the limited space for Panels and the number of quality submissions, we regret that we were not able to include "Managing Complex Applications: A View from 5 COSMOSnauts" in this portion of the program.
  • Update on new committers
    • Committers were added to the COSMOS Project as follows. Note: some were part of our initial committers (shown in bold) however, due to a limitation in the submission form they needed to be added after the project was provisioned. Additional comitters were voted in during the f2f meeting in Toronto.
      • Ali Mehregani
      • Marius Slavescu
      • Sheldon Lee-Loy
      • Valentina Popescu
      • Vasya Gorshkov
      • David Whiteman
      • Hubert H Leung
      • Joel Hawkins
      • Vsevolod Sandomirskiy
  • Review action items