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COSMOSCVS structure

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CVS is divided into five main components.

  • data-collection
  • data-reporting
  • examples
  • management-enablement
  • resource-modeling

Data Reporting Packages under the data reporting component will have the following prefix org.eclipse.cosmos.dr

Data Collection Packages under the data collection component will have the following prefix org.eclipse.cosmos.dc

Packages under the examples component will have the following prefix org.eclipse.cosmos.examples In addition, each distinct example will be contained within a sub-folder. This is illustrated in the current examples folder with the entry for Eclipse Con 07 (eclipseCon07). In cases where the there are sub-folders, the package prefix should be augmented with the folder name. Therefore, code and documents being checked into CVS for the Eclipse Con demo would have the following package prefix: org.eclipse.cosmos.examples.eclipsecon07 Note: If the component name is long, then a reasonable abbreviated version may be used. An example would be the abbreviation of ‘dc’ for data-collection.

Management Enablement Packages under the management enablement component will have the following prefix

Resource Modeling Packages under the resource modeling component will have the following prefix org.eclipse.cosmos.rm

Write access to the packages will be limited architecture team and to those who are actively working on the component. A noted exception is the examples package. All team members will be allowed read/write access.

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