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COSMOS/COSMOS iteration i12 plan

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COSMOS iteration i12 plan

Cross component work items (Jimmy Mohsin, Sheldon Lee-Loy, David Whiteman, Jason Losh)


  • how do we make sure that we keep our strings externalized? automate as part of the build? There's an ER for the build to call a utility that checks for embedded strings. Does it work for both Eclipse UI and Web UI? 220261


  • few use cases that Paul updated recently. But for i12 we've done as much as we can do. For future iterations we need to do some planning.


  • there may be new log records created during i12. There were some log entries that don't conform to the naming convention and as a result the message ids were not assigned to those messages.
  • SDD was looking at how to resolve their logging with the rest of COSMOS.
  • message IDs to be generated
  • We need a checklist for things that need to be done at the end of every iteration. For logging at least there's at least one item that needs to be done at the end of every iteration.
  • Ruth to create a wiki page for the checklist; subproject leads to go over this checklist in their next meeting; community to review the final checklist at the next Community call
  • Hubert created a wiki page that has a list of all of the log messages that we have. [http://wiki.eclipse.org/COSMOS_Log_Messages}

clean API

  • everything done
  • there's a build script to confirm that all of our packages confirm to the naming packages? Yes, Leonard did that.
  • Javadoc? Public or provisional that we expect people to build on top of needs javadoc. Add "write javadoc" to the checklist.
  • Plus generate it with the build. 236501

Design doc every enhancement?

  • some don't have design docs because they're such small amount of work.
  • design doc to tell someone else how to implement it
  • design doc so that the community knows and agrees with the change
  • may be useful to put at least in paragraph form and a link to the use case. QA and documentation people will need it too so they know what to test and what to write about.

Mandatory for releasing V0.9 (Ruth Lee)

Review itself

  • arrange for COSMOS to be added to the Eclipse Board docket 5 weeks in advance of the intended release of V0.9
  • Review slides: Zip of first draft of PPT During the release review we have to explain the divergences from the original plan, such as the addition of SDD.
  • answer Harm's question in the review slides: How do the parts of COSMOS relate to each other? If they're disjoint then maybe that's fine and COSMOS can deliver them in disjoint packages. If they're all comingled technically then they should be packaged together. During the mini-project review (version 0.9), we want to state this and to address this question.


  • about.html for third party OSS in COSMOS: Ruth to arrange for these specialized about.html to be written and then delivered to the build team for inclusion in COSMOS
  • documentation of COSMOS IP
  • get DOJO and other ipzillas approved by Eclipse Legal: list of IPZillas awaiting approval

COSMOS process

  • clean up the inactive committer list (done)

Other bullets necessary for a release

June 2008 options

Bugzillas for i12 (Jimmy, Sheldon, David, Jason, Saurabh, Srinivas)

Sizing legend:

  • Low - takes 1-3 days
  • Medium - takes a week
  • High - takes more than a week

Status to be filled in by:

  • Data Collection bugzilla status (Jimmy Mohsin)
  • Data Visualization bugzilla status (Sheldon Lee-Loy)
  • Resource Modeling bugzilla status (David Whiteman)
  • Management Enablement bugzilla status (Jason Losh)
  • RE/Build bugzilla status (Saurabh Dravid)
  • QA bugzilla status (Srinivas Reddy Doma)

The Status column can have one of these values:

  • On track
  • At risk
  • Not containable
  • Defer (no longer a priority for i12)
  • Not started

Priority Status Project or subteam Enhancement Severity Description Blocked by (if applicable) Owner Sizing Design Doc Use Case
Build 215609 Normal Maintain documentation of third party dependencies Ruth Lee Low N/A for defects N/A for defects
Build 215135 Enhancement Establish a process for running JUnits against a COSMOS build Bobby Joseph High
Build 229078 Blocker Add about.html and other legal files to the build Ruth Lee Medium N/A for defects N/A for defects
COMPLETE ME 233705 normal Update CMDBf toolkit to support new data manager properties 233690 David Whiteman Med N/A for defects N/A for defects
Defer ME 238679 normal Change code generated by MDR toolkit as a result of bug 238450 238450 ? (Decided to move to i13 on 15-Jul) Low N/A for defects N/A for defects
Not containable ME 237978 normal NPE problem when submitting a query via UI to an MDR developed with the toolkit ? (David will need to advise) Med N/A for defects N/A for defects
Not containable ME 237997 enhancement Edit manual DM toolkit test to add steps for running the MDR on server and using UI (stopgap for not doing automated - perhaps can be done by QA) ? Low N/A - all needed info in bugzilla [1]
Defer ME 220594 enhancement Provide contextual help for toolkit UI (release readiness, if time permits) David Whiteman Low N/A [2]
ME 229088 enhancement Create initial SDD runtime framework for COSMOS installation Jason Losh High
ME 229962 enhancement API cleanup Jason Losh
ME enhancement SDD runtime design finalization Jason Losh
ME enhancement SDD runtime orchestrator Jason Losh
ME enhancement SDD build time generator (BTG) framework Jason Losh
Not started RM 200423 normal JUnit test TestSMLModelUnits.testRuleInvalidBinding failure Ali Mehregani Low N/A for defects N/A for defects
Not started RM 236866 major JUnit failures when running on Sun JRE 1.5 ? (maybe Mark McCraw) Low N/A for defects N/A for defects
Not started RM 179349 major Validator doesn't support baseURI in rule bindings ? Medium N/A for defects N/A for defects
Not started RM 179350 major Validator does not support prefix matching ? Medium N/A for defects N/A for defects
Defer RM 238492 enhancement Support xml:base in validator ? Medium New spec item, no design yet [3]
Not started RM 241138 enhancement Support validating base64 encoded format Hubert Leung Medium No design yet [4]
On track RM 237872
enhancement Validator needs to support optional schema binding feature
Support PSVI in SML validation
237921 David Whiteman and Ali Mehregani 9 PW http://wiki.eclipse.org/COSMOS_Design_237921 [5]
On track RM 238000 enhancement Implement sml:locid attribute in validator Hubert Leung High http://wiki.eclipse.org/COSMOS_Design_238000 [6]
Not started RM 237924 enhancement Create additional test cases for the SML validator Hubert Leung High http://wiki.eclipse.org/COSMOS_Design_237924 [7]
Not started RM 237132 major URI Reference Processing not working ? Medium N/A for defects N/A for defects
COMPLETE RM 218814 normal Reduce dependencies for SML MDR (including things that we're not legally allowed to) 240216 Hubert Leung Low N/A for defects N/A for defects
COMPLETE RM 237954 normal Test failures in org.eclipse.cosmos.rm.repository.tests David Whiteman Med N/A for defects N/A for defects
Defer RM 213635 normal SML-IF editor help not available from F1 (Eclipse UI guidelines conformance, will contain if possible) David Whiteman Low N/A for defects N/A for defects
Not containable RM 175382 normal Create manual tests for the UI components of the SML-IF plugin ? Low N/A for defects N/A for defects
COMPLETE DV 236907 enhancement Launching the COSMOS UI with a MDR query JT Low (0.3) http://wiki.eclipse.org/COSMOS_Design_236907 Submit a CMDBf query to an MDR
Defer DV 230405 enhancement Create a Report based on CMDBf information Sheldon High(2) http://wiki.eclipse.org/COSMOS_Design_230405 Report generation based on CMDBf Constructs
Defer DV 237655 enhancement Provide a reporting service group for data managers Sheldon High(1.8) http://wiki.eclipse.org/COSMOS_Design_237655 Report generation based on CMDBf Constructs
COMPLETE DC 233690 Enhancement Configuring and retrieving data manager configuration values JT (was Hubert) High (1.6) http://wiki.eclipse.org/COSMOS_Design_233690 listed in design doc
Defer DC 238450 Enhancement Make query and registration processing engines pluggable Hubert Medium http://wiki.eclipse.org/COSMOS_Design_238450 listed in design doc
COMPLETE DC 235898 Enhancement Need to add additional static data to the COSMOS Broker Bill Medium http://wiki.eclipse.org/COSMOS_Design_235898 listed in design doc
COMPLETE DC 231343 Enhancement Improve query capability of the COSMOS broker Bill High (1.6) http://wiki.eclipse.org/COSMOS_Design_231343 Use cases: yes
Doc 225817 normal New overview of COSMOS needed on web site Mark Weitzel Med N/A for defects N/A for defects
Doc 218828 enhancement COSMOS User's Guide Overview development weitzelm@us.ibm.com Med http://wiki.eclipse.org/COSMOS_UG_Overview N/A for documentation
Doc 219138 enhancement Write Overview section for COSMOS Development Guide weitzelm@us.ibm.com Med http://wiki.eclipse.org/COSMOS_DG_Overview N/A for documentation
Doc 219156 enhancement Write COSMOS Installation Guide Paul Stratton Med http://wiki.eclipse.org/COSMOS_InstallGuide10 N/A for documentation
COMPLETE QA 238087 enhancement Documenting i12 QA activities to the wiki page Srinivas Low http://wiki.eclipse.org/COSMOS_QA_i12_Activities N/A for documentation
COMPLETE QA 238089 enhancement Document what QA is doing currently for performance testing Srinivas Med http://wiki.eclipse.org/COSMOS_Performance_Testing N/A for documentation
COMPLETE QA 238088 enhancement Adding new test cases and updating the test bucket Srinivas Med >http://wiki.eclipse.org/COSMOS_QA_End2End_Tests N/A for documentation