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Welcome to the COSMOS Wiki home page!

The COSMOS (COmmunity-driven Systems Management in Open Source) project aims to provide an extensible, standards-based platform upon which software developers can create specialized, differentiated and inter-operable offerings of tools for system management.


Resource Description
COSMOS Project Home page for the COSMOS Project.
Meetings List of meetings:
Documents References to COSMOS related materials.

User resources

Resource Description
Overview Learn about the COSMOS project.
COSMOS Demo Detailed informaton about COSMOS.
Frequently Asked Questions Look here first for answers to the most common questions about COSMOS.
Community activities Activities related to building the COSMOS community.
COSMOS Project Relationships Information on how COSMOS relates to other projects.
COSMOS Newsgroup Look here for discussion regarding COSMOS user issues and development.
Working sessions Working session status.
Glossary Click here to view the COSMOS Glossary.

Developer resources

Resource Description
Releases Under Development Plans References to development plans and project status.
Eclipse Buqzilla Enter and check on COSMOS bugs here.
Developer mailing list Subscribe to the mailing list or access the archives.
Management mailing list Subscribe to the mailing list or access the archives.
Architecture References to architecture and design documents.
Who's who Who’s who in the COSMOS development community.
COSMOS CVS Structure Information about the packages in the COSMOS CVS.

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