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Please sign up if you are interested in attending a CDT summit in the fall 2011. Also list what you'd like to talk about and dates and locations you'd like it to be held.

  • Doug Schaefer
    • Topics: Build
    • Dates: September 2011
    • Locations: Near Ottawa, or via teleconference/webex
  • Sergey Prigogin
    • Topics: Refactoring, Quick Fixes, External Indexes, Scanner Configuration, Unit Test Support. Interested in brainstorming sessions on: headers included in different variants (bug 197989), representation of attributes in AST (see bug 316076).
    • Dates: September or October 2011
    • Locations: No restrictions
  • Andrew Overholt
    • Topics: everything
    • Dates: September or October 2011
    • Locations: Canada would be nice. Red Hat has very limited space in Toronto and couldn't host a gathering of more than 20-ish unless not everyone wants space at a table and we're okay with only one room :)
  • Marc-Andre Laperle
    • Topics: Refactoring, Code analysis, Quick Fixes, Quick assists, Code navigation, Unit Test Support.
    • Dates: September 2011 (would most likely be attending only 1 or 2 days)
    • Locations: Toronto(preferred), Ottawa, Montreal
  • Mike Kucera
    • Topics: anything related to the core
    • Dates: September
    • Location: Toronto(preferred), Ottawa, Montreal
  • Elena Laskavaia
    • Topics: Refactoring, Static Analysis, Quick Fixes, Quick assists, Code Generation, Unit Test Support, Debug, Target Platform Tools (Profiling, Tracing, Runtime Analysis)
    • Dates: September 2011, there are few other conferences in October, where I have to probably go, so no October for me
    • Locations: Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Caribbean islands (preferred)
  • Mikhail Khodjaiants
    • Topics: Debug, Multi-Core, Profiling, Tracing
    • Dates: September or October 2011
    • Locations: Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto

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