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CDT Summit Fall 2007

The CDT Fall Summit was held in Ottawa at the Minto Suites Hotel from Sept 25-27, 2007.


All aspects of the CDT will be discussed with focus on features and improvements that we want to make for the Eclipse Ganymede release in June 2008. Hot topics are expected to include:

  • "Crisp"-ifying CDT's APIs
  • All things Debug, including "de-Javafying" the user experience and incorporation of DSDP/DD's DSF debug framework
  • New indexer features, reaching for the JDT bar and beyond
  • Remote development, dealing with source that's "way over there"
  • Multi-language, multi-toolchain, expanding CDT beyond gcc
  • Process guidelines, documenting what we do

Detailed agenda - with slides - is here

Assorted minutes from the summit are here


Doug Schaefer