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CDT/Linux Tools/PTP/Trace Compass Summit at EclipseCon 2016

A one-day CDT/Linux Tools/PTP/Trace Compass Summit will be held at EclipseCon 2016 in Reston, Virgina, on Monday March 7th, 2016. This summit is open to registered attendees of EclipseCon. Please register here. It is an informal gathering of committers and contributors of the mentioned communities to discuss project direction, on-going work, proposed changes and enhancements, and any other topic of interest to the participants.

The below agenda will evolve as proposed topics are added and attendees sign-up.

To help structure the summit, please:

  • add your name to the attendees section below
  • add agenda items you would like to see discussed


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  • Welcome and agenda adjustment


  •  ??


  • Lunch provided by EclipseCon


  • What's new in CDT?
  • What shall we do with our current CDT Launches?
  •  ??


  • Break


  • How do we tell our users about cool features?
  •  ??
  • Conclusion


  • Summit dinner free of charge for attendees.

Tentative Attendees

  1. Marc Khouzam - Ericsson
    • Community, Debug, Project direction, Multicore, Visualizer, Tracing
  2. Doug Schaefer - QNX
    • Build and Launch, Qt, CMake, Arduino, LaunchBar, Android, ...
  3. Elena Laskavaia (also know as Alena) - QNX
    • Launch, Debug, UX, LaunchBar, Codan, Quick Fix, Source gen & Refactoring, Linux Tools
  4. Jeff Johnston - Red Hat
    • Autotools, Linux Tools, Debug

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