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CDT Summit at EclipseCon 2013

We have scheduled a one-day CDT summit at EclipseCon 2013 in Boston, MA, on Thursday the 28th of March, 2013. To help plan for this meeting, please sign up and add any agenda items you'd like to see discussed.

EclipseCon information is here:

Open to all, even if you didn't sign up :).

Time: 10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Room: Beacon Hill 2 & 3

Attendees and Interests

  1. Marc Khouzam - Ericsson
    • Debug, Multicore, Visualizer
  2. Martin Oberhuber - WindRiver
    • Quality, Debug (TCF), Usability, Remote Edit-compile-debug
  3. Sergey Prigogin - Google
    • Refactoring, C++11 features, Codan
  4. Glen Anderson - Analog Devices
    • Debug, Usability, Multicore
  5. Dominique Toupin - Ericsson
  6. Josh Kruck
    • Debug (DSF, MS), Refactoring
  7. Bill Swanson - Tilera
    • Visualization, Multicore, Eclipse/CDT Redistribution
  8. Doug Schaefer - QNX
    • Everything, but currently working on improving Qt support
    • Also if we don't get many more people, we can meeting in one of the evenings as well
  9. Jeff Johnston - RedHat
  10. Jim Adams - Analog Devices
  11. Reibert Arbring - Ericsson
  12. Norman Yee - Analog Devices
  13. Leo Treggiari - Intel
  14. Vladimir Prus - Mentor Graphics
  15. Eric Cloninger - Klocwork
    • Static analysis, refactoring, Android
  16. Mike Wrighton - Mentor Graphics
  17. Greg Watson - IBM
  18. Brian Watt - IBM
  19. Teodor Madan - Freescale
  20. Jesper Eskilson - IAR Systems
    • MBS, TCF, indexer
  21. Patrick Tasse - Ericsson


  • Eclipse 4.x discussion:
    • reactions to 4.x platform
    • CDT compatibility and/or upgrade plans
    • effect on other projects, Visualizer, etc.
      (e.g. if CDT retains 3.x compatibility, related plugins may need to as well)
  • Java 7
  • Advertising new CDT features
    • Dialog popup with "Did you know?" and "Don't show this message again"
    • Other?
  • UI Junit tests: Dependency injection vs other CDT UI test techniques
  • Debug
    • Quick Launches (Local C/C++ App, Remote C/C++ App)
    • Multiprocess launch
  • Remote/synchronized projects
  • ...


  • Introductions
    • 25 attendees from 14 companies
  • E4
    • What is the gain to start using E4 APIs?
      • Easier to modify the look of the UI -- No need to move CDT to E4 for that
      • Uniformity of the look and feel -- No need to move CDT to E4 for that
      • QNX feels the UI must be improved -- Does that require E4?
      • Once the CDT community agrees we can use E4 APIs, the decision to do so can be left to individual committers. There does not seem to be a reason we'd have to move all of CDT. We can instead take a joint E4 and 3.x approach.
    • Is there a reason to avoid all use of E4 APIs?
      • We want to keep CDT compiling on 3.x
      • We can re-discuss this requirement for the Luna release
  • Can CDT support platform -1? Meaning the new CDT with the older platform.
    • CDT 8.2 is the first CDT that will allow that. It was not a conscious decision. We don't expect we we will be able, or want to enforce this.
  • Java 7
    • We'll consider moving to Java 7 when the need arises
  • Web integration in Eclipse
    • It is a mess and needs platform involvement. They are well aware of the problems.
  • Advertising new CDT features
    • Welcome page
      • Probably already does all it can. But we have to make sure it points to a the latest wiki N&N or a migration of it.
    • N&N is very important
    • We need to keep the CDT website up to date and describing feature
    • We need auto-discovery of features. For example, people may have upgraded to CDT automatically and therefore will not know to look at the N&N
      • Mylyn has some active pop-up feature for just that purpose. CDT should look into it and copy it.
      • We will need to define policies
    • Can we leverage the splash screen to show the user some feature description when they are just staring at the screen.
      • This is a great idea!
      • Different images can be randomly shown
      • This must be package based (EPP)
      • As for vendors, it will be up to them to re-use this ability or not
    • Dialog popup with "Did you know?" and "Don't show this message again"
      • Not a user-friendly solution
  • Redistribution of CDT
    • Maven/Tycho is the way to go


  • E4
    • CDT 8.2 (Kepler) will not use any E4 APIs to keep compatibility with 3.x.
    • CDT will not commit to supporting 3.x as a platform for the CDT 8.2 release.
    • For the future CDT release (Luna), the decision with regards to using E4 APIs is not taken yet. It will be discussed further after the Kepler release.
  • Java
    • CDT 8.2 (Kepler) will run on Java 6
    • No decision to move to Java 7 for the next release at this time.

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