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#Martin Oberhuber (Wind River)
#Martin Oberhuber (Wind River)
#Jeff Johnston (Red Hat)
#Jeff Johnston (Red Hat)
#Eric Cloninger (Motorola) or Julia Perdigueiro

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CDT Summit at EclipseCon 2012

We have a day scheduled at EclipseCon 2012 in Reston, VA on the Tuesday. To help plan for this meeting, please sign up and add any agenda items you'd like to see discussed.

EclipseCon information is here:


  • Remote development (Doug) - there are a number of solutions supporting remote projects, builds, and debug. Do they meet the community needs?
  • C++11, C11 support
  • Attributes (C++11 7.6) in AST and the future of Codan.
  • Build System usability
  • Debug Visualization
  • Linux Tools, PTP, and CDT - how do we work closer
  • Multicore Debugging - current status and way forward
  • Growing the community - how to get the help we need?
  • Target Management - RSE, TCF, gdb os awareness, can we unify them?
  • Gerrit


  1. Doug Schaefer (QNX/RIM)
  2. Marc Khouzam (Ericsson)
  3. Bill Swanson (Tilera)
  4. Elena Laskavaia (Qnx Software Systems/Research In Motion)
  5. Mikhail Khodjaiants (Mentor Graphics)
  6. Anna Dushistova (MontaVista)
  7. Sergey Prigogin (Google)
  8. Vladimir Prus (Mentor Graphics)
  9. Andrew Overholt (Red Hat) (may have to duck out for an EclipseCon session or two)
  10. Leo Treggiari (Intel)
  11. Jesper Eskilson (IAR Systems)
  12. Chris Recoskie (IBM)
  13. Mohamed Hussein (Mentor Graphics) (might need to attend couple of EclipseCon sessions)
  14. Jason Litton (Sage)
  15. Beth Tibbitts (IBM) (also might need to attend some EclipseCon sessions)
  16. Jonas Jonsson (Ericsson)
  17. Greg Watson (IBM)
  18. Patrick Tassé (Ericsson)
  19. Martin Oberhuber (Wind River)
  20. Jeff Johnston (Red Hat)
  21. Eric Cloninger (Motorola) or Julia Perdigueiro

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