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Debug - DSF-GDB

  1. Full pretty-printing support (contribution from Jens) bug 302121
  2. Full multi-process support on Linux with GDB 7.1 (contribution from Onur) bug 237306
  3. Extended Remote Launch using gdbserver (contribution from Anna) bug 314659
  4. Multi-core support. Wiki can be found here
  5. Support for OS-Awareness (based planned GDB feature)
  6. Support for Global-Breakpoints (based on planned GDB feature)
  7. Support for Static-Tracepoints
  8. Support for Fast-Dynamic-Tracepoint
  9. Better tracepoint visualization support (based on planned GDB feature)
  10. Support for GDB Checkpoints
  11. Live code patching
  12. Multi-context investigation/implementation
  13. Last few CDI-parity issues

Debug - EDC


  1. Name resolution checker and quick fixes (contributions from Tomasz Wesolowski and Marc-Andre Laperle) bug 309760
  2. Return statement style checker (contribution from Marc-Andre Laperle)



  1. Declare Function
  2. Change Function Signature
  3. Generate constructor using fields (contribution from Marc-Andre Laperle) bug 306902
  4. Inline (contribution from Marc-Andre Laperle)



API Changes

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