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[[CDT/planning/Luna | Luna planning is in progress]]
[[CDT/planning/Luna | Luna planning is in progress]]
[[CDT/survey/2010 | CDT Annual Survey 2013]]
[[CDT/survey/2013 | CDT Annual Survey 2013]]
== Previous Releases ==
== Previous Releases ==

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[edit] Upcoming Releases

[edit] CDT 8.2 (Kepler)

Kepler is in progress

[edit] CDT 8.3 (Luna)

Luna planning is in progress

CDT Annual Survey 2013

[edit] Previous Releases

[edit] CDT 8.1 (Juno)

The CDT 8.1 Plan is here

[edit] CDT 8.0 (Indigo)

The CDT 8.0 Plan is here

CDT Annual Survey 2010

[edit] CDT 7.0 (Helios)

The CDT 7.0 Plan is here

[edit] CDT 6.0 (Galileo)

The CDT 6.0 Plan is here

[edit] CDT 5.0.x (Ganymede)

CDT 5.0 was released in July 2008. The CDT 5.0 plan is here

The CDT 5.0 Milestone Plan is here

The CDT 5.0 Ramp Down policy is here

[edit] CDT 4.0.x (Europa)

CDT 4.0 was released in June 2007. It's plan is here.

CDT 4.0.x will be released along with the other Europa projects in the Fall Maintenance and Spring Maintenance releases. As well as in November 2007.

CDT 4.0.1 was released in September 2007. CDT 4.0.1 plan is here.

CDT 4.0.2 was released on November 30, 2007. The CDT 4.0.2 plan is here.

CDT 4.0.3 was released on February 20th, 2008.

[edit] CDT 3.1.x (Callisto)

There are no further releases of 3.1.x (i.e. a 3.1.3) planned at this time. There have been a couple of patches applied to the CDT 3.1.x branch (cdt_3_1) after the 3.1.2 build that you may want to pick up. These builds are available on our built page at http://download.eclipse.org/tools/cdt/builds/3.1.2/index.html.