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- Beth, Chris, Vivian, Rob (IBM), Bill, Mikhail S, Sunil (Intel), Doug (QNX),
Ken (Nokia), John (Freescale), Mikhail K (soon ARM), Norbert (Siemens),
Craig (LANL), Andrew (Symbian), Markus (Wind River).

- CDT 3.1.1
Code Freeze Sept 5, Release Sept 19 (at the Fall Conference)
- Fall Conference
Make sure you get registrations to Doug. We'll look at ways to ensure people
can attend virtually.
- Beth's Student
Doing some cool stuff with static analysis. Interested in contributing model
code to CDT, including improved visitor model.
- Debugger
Looking at migrating to Wind River's DSF under development as part of device
debugging project. Still waiting to see how this will turn out before deprecating
the CDI.
- xlC Component
Will do one off manual build and put on CDT update site.
- Parser Generator
Cool discussion from three projects using ANTLR (Doug - C#, Chris - C99, Craig
- Fortran2003). Will discuss issues we've run accross on the list.

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