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  • Is is now possible to convert an existing C project to a C++ project (adds C++ nature). To do this, the existing wizard 'Convert to a C/C++ project' can now be used on C projects whereas before it could only be used on non-CDT projects.


  • When code completion is invoked in a function call expression, appropriate substitutions are suggested for each of the function parameters. link

Function call.png

  • In C++ files if "Type not found" error is detected, there is a new quick fix now to create a class based on that type, which opens "New C/C++ Class Wizard".

Picture: TBD

Makefile Editor

  • Makefile Editor now provides a *single* key Ctrl+/ to toggle comments rather than have Ctrl+/ to comment and Ctrl+\ to uncomment. This is consistent with CDT and Java editors. See Bug-485028



  • The "Symbols" settings category (gnu.c.compiler.category.symbols) under "GCC C compiler" has been removed and its content has been merged with the Preprocessor (gnu.c.compiler.category.preprocessor) category. link


Gdbserver options

  • For automatic remote debugging sessions, CDT now supports specifying extra options that will be passed to gdbserver when starting it. This way, users could activate debug messages ("--debug"), benefit of wrapper option ("--wrapper") that gdbserver supports or use the other available command-line options of gdbserver.


Removal of support for the old Apple GDB

Apple used to have their own version of GDB which was released with Xcode. Apple no longer releases their own GDB version, and that since 2013. As of CDT 9.0, the support for the obsolete Apple GDB has been removed. As an alternative, the GDB from the FSF (Free Software Foundation) can be used. Some instructions on how to do this are available on the CDT FAQ page.

OS Resources View

Attach to selected processes

OS Resources view displays different information about the resources of the operating system, such as list of all processes running on the target or files opened by processes on target.

Now it is possible to attach to processes associated with selected resources directly from OS Resources view without resorting to "Connect to a process" button from Debug View.

OS Resources Attach.JPG

This feature requires non-stop mode support to be activated.

This feature was completed through Bug 486521.

Bugs Fixed in this Release

See Bugzilla report Bugs Fixed in CDT 9.0

API modifications

With CDT 9.0, some public API are being modified. Below is the list of changes that are not backwards-compatible that extenders could trip on.


  1. The deprecated protected method GdbLaunchDelegate.newServiceFactory(String) has been removed. It has been replaced with GdbLaunchDelegate.newServiceFactory(ILaunchConfiguration, String)
  2. The constructor MIThreadGroupExitedEvent(IProcessDMContext, int, String) has been removed. MIThreadGroupExitedEvent(IProcessDMContext, int, MIResult[]) should be used instead.
  3. The constructor MITargetAttach(ICommandControlDMContext, String) has been removed. MITargetAttach(IMIContainerDMContext, String) or MITargetAttach(IMIContainerDMContext, String, boolean) should be used instead.
  4. Based on the previous change, the method CommandFactory.createMITargetAttach(ICommandControlDMContext, String) was removed. CommandFactory.createMITargetAttach(IMIContainerDMContext, String) or CommandFactory.createMITargetAttach(IMIContainerDMContext, String, boolean) should be used instead.
  5. The constructors MIFileExecAndSymbols(ICommandControlDMContext) and MIFileExecAndSymbols(ICommandControlDMContext, String) where removed. MIFileExecAndSymbols(IMIContainerDMContext) and MIFileExecAndSymbols(IMIContainerDMContext, String) should be used instead.
  6. In GDBControl_7_0, the classes InitializationShutdownStep, CommandMonitoringStep, CommandProcessorsStep, RegisterStep have been removed; their counterparts, defined in GDBControl, should be used instead.
  7. Based on the previous change, the class GDBControl_7_0.ListFeaturesStep now extends GDBControl.InitializationShutdownStep instead of the removed GDBControl_7_0.InitializationShutdownStep.
  8. MIVariableManager.MIVariableObject.setExpressionData(String,String,int) has been removed. The method MIVariableManager.MIVariableObject.setExpressionData(ExpressionInfo,String,int,boolean) should be used instead.
  9. GdbLaunchDelegate.newServiceFactory(String) has been removed. It has been replaced with GdbLaunchDelegate.newServiceFactory(ILaunchConfiguration, String)
  10. The methods MIDataListRegisterValues.MIDataListRegisterValues(IMIExecutionDMContext, int) and MIDataListRegisterValues.MIDataListRegisterValues(IMIExecutionDMContext, int, int[]) have been removed. Callers should instead use the methods of the same name but passing in an IFrameDMContext instead of an IMIExecutionDMContext.
  11. Following the above change, the methods CommandFactory.MIDataListRegisterValues(IMIExecutionDMContext, int) and CommandFactory.MIDataListRegisterValues(IMIExecutionDMContext, int, int[]) have also been removed, and their corresponding methods using IFrameDMContext should be used instead.
  12. The method GDBRunControl_7_0_NS.eventDispatched(ITraceRecordSelectedChangedDMEvent) was removed. GDBRunControl_7_2_NS.eventDispatched(ITraceRecordSelectedChangedDMEvent) should be used instead.
  13. Support for the obsolete Apple GDB has been removed
    • The following macos packages were removed:
      • org.eclipse.cdt.dsf.gdb.service.macos,
      • org.eclipse.cdt.dsf.mi.service.command.commands.macos,
      • org.eclipse.cdt.dsf.mi.service.command.output.macos
      • org.eclipse.cdt.debug.gdbjtag.core.dsf.gdb.service.macos
    • The following classes, contained in the above packages are now removed:
      • MacOSCommandFactory.java
      • MacOSGDBProcesses.java
      • MacOSGDBRunControl.java
      • MacOSGdbDebugServicesFactory.java
      • MacOSMIEnvironmentCD.java
      • MacOSMIVarUpdate.java
      • MacOSMIVarUpdateInfo.java
      • MacOSGdbJtagDebugServicesFactory.java
    • The constant LaunchUtils.MACOS_GDB_MARKER was removed.


  1. The class ToolChainSelectionPage has been removed. It was being used by a wizard that was never used and that was removed.


  1. The classes NewCDTProjectWizard, ProjectTypePage, TemplateSelectionPage have been removed. The wizard and its pages were never used and were not fully functional.
  2. The extension point projectTypePages has been removed. It was being used by a wizard that was never used and that was removed.

org.eclipse.cdt.codan.core https://git.eclipse.org/r/#/c/63810/

  1. Method IChecker#enabledInContext(IResource resource) is remove. Just removed implementation it is not called.
  2. Method IProblemLocationFactory#createProblemLocation(IFile file,int startChar,int endChar) is removed. If you implement this interface, remove @Override annotation, if you use this method replace with createProblemLocation(file,startChar,endChar,-1) (or appropriate line number, note: passing -1 is ok since it will recalculate line from positions)
  3. Constructor CodanProblemLocation(IResource, int, int) is removed, use CodanProblemLocation(IResource file, int startChar, int endChar, int line) instead