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Code and File Templates User-definable templates are now available and are used to populate new files.
New preference page C/C++ > Code Style > Code Templates
Templates used in New Class and New Source/Header File wizards
New generic wizard: File from Template
Outline for assembly files Description
Code formatter improvements
New whitespace options 178601
New line wrapping options 191980, 192656
Improve GNU coding style compliance 192764
Content Assist improvements
Ignore auto activation when typing float - 193464
Proposals for include directives 113568
Sort by relevance 172862
Content assist within macro arguments 200208
Maintenance 191315, 229062,230389
Doxygen editor support (plus framework) Auto-generation of tags and a pluggable framework for other documentation tools is now available.
Mark Occurrences Highlights where the selected identifier occurs elsewhere in the editor.
5.png 6.png 7.png
Folding of compound statements 8.png 9.png 174597 (contributed by Elazar Leibovich)
Macro expansion hover and exploration tool Description 23540
Spell Checking Spell-checking is now available and enabled by default.
Scalability mode The editor can now be opened with reduced functionality when working with very large files.
Visual Studio key bindings You can now configure the IDE to recognize Visual Studio key bindings

Navigation and Search

Open Declaration
Operators 93281
Empty macros 198649
From elements in the Outline View 222721
From within preprocessing statements 215906
From arguments to a macro expansion 208300
Open Element
Support for static functions/variables 193057
Improvements to the Open Element dialog
Static functions/variables 196414
Search for macros 156561
Search for references of local variables 151334
Search view usability improvements 212166

Call Hierarchy

Read/Write decorators Icon decorator to show read and write-access for variables 156692
Polymorphic method calls Support for polymorphic method calls (virtual methods) 156689


  • Infrastructure
    • Modelling transformations on the AST - 214334
    • Filtering context-menu based on selection 60249
  • Generate Getter Setters 226658
  • Hide Method Refactoring 226490
  • Implement Method Refactoring 226646
  • Extract Constant Refactoring 181493
  • Extract Function Refactoring 226484
  • Maintenance of rename-refactoring 220741


Projects & Build

  • Improved usability of Project Properties pages 228953, 228958, 229771
  • Make targets at the project level are built in the project build directory 176906.


  • Added gdb catchpoints (event breakpoints) support 226689
  • Executables View - 182388

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