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The implementation follows this design more or less:

Extension Points

  1. A language settings provider is defined with extension point org.eclipse.cdt.core.LanguageSettingsProvider:

  2. In order to get providers created for new projects with New Project Wizard - use org.eclipse.cdt.managedbuilder.core.buildDefinitions extension point to associate the provider with your project type. Specify attribute "languageSettingsProviders" for element "configuration" or "toolchain".
  3. There is one more extension point org.eclipse.cdt.ui.LanguageSettingsProviderAssociation. You can define there a custom icon, allow or disallow editing in UI and provide a custom page for editing options in Options pane.


Here is user interface for a typical compiler Builtin Specs Detector:
Sd specs detector options.png

Here is a Build Command Parser:
Sd bop options.png