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The Issues

  • Difficult to create new scanner discovery profiles. Related bug: 219940
  • Too gnu centric. Related bug: 226419
  • Unable to easily refresh the discovered data when the environment changes Related bugs: 206372,142619,190902,264841
  • The UI for setting the scanner discovery profile is very confusing. Related bugs: 250166,255694,256374,262219
  • Scanner Discovery data is not tied to configurations
  • Unable to support multiple discover providers
  • Difficult to integrate built-in discovery with Managed Build.
  • No consistent API for integrators to contribute Path and Macros.
  • No one knows the architecture of scanner discovery
  • Build environment needs to integrate with scanner discovery.

The Plan

  1. Discover scanner discovery - document the existing legacy architecture
  2. Implement new scanner discovery (aka Language Settings Providers) bug 290631
  3. Reach feature parity with old implementation

Design and Development

  1. What is it supposed to do anyway?
  2. Existing Legacy Architecture
  3. New Scanner Discovery design
  4. Public API for new Scanner Discovery
  5. The Stories and Alpha Version