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The following is the list of who's who in the CDT. For each person we list their employer and the areas they have interest in. The list is broken into active versus inactive versus retired committers based on the data derived here.

Active Committers

Committers who have done a commit in the last 9 months (see activity).

Doug Schaefer CDT Project Lead, CDT Core parser and related features. Read my blog.
Andrew Ferguson - Symbian Indexing. Skype
Toni Leherbauer - Wind River Editors, C/C++ Projects and related areas
Chris Recoskie - IBM CDT Managed Build System primarily, but also a committer at large :-)
John Cortell - Freescale CDT Debugger
Ken Ryall - Nokia CDT Debugger, Usability Blog.
Mikhail Khodjaiants - ARM CDT Debugger
Markus Schorn - Wind River Tooling based on index/parser, Indexing.
Sergey Prigogin - Google Editors, indexing, refactoring.
Vivian Kong - IBM Indexing, UI, Build
Mike Kucera - IBM Parsers/AST, Unified Parallel C Support, Language Extensibility
Andrew Niefer - IBM Semantic Resolution
Norbert Ploett - Siemens CDT content assist, Managed Build System, Debug
David Daoust - Wind River Usability, Scalability, CDT Core parser and related features
Elena Laskavaia - QNX Code Analysis, Debugger, Build, Usability, UI
Emanuel Graf - IFS Refactoring
James Blackburn - Broadcom Project Model, Managed Build, scalability and more!
Andrew Gvozdev - Quoin Build including Build UI, Project Model, New Project Wizard, Template Engine.
Marc Khouzam - Ericsson DSF-GDB component Lead, DSF, Debug

Inactive Committers

Committers who have not committed anything in over 9 months but are still dear to our hearts :)

  • John Duimovich - IBM (Tools PMC Lead)
  • Sebastien Marineau - QNX (Past CDT Project Lead)
  • Leo Treggiari - Intel
  • John Camelon - IBM
  • Alain Magloire - QNX, CDT Debugger, CDI
  • David Inglis - QNX, Project Model, UI, Standard Build
  • Thomas Fletcher - QNX, Usability
  • Jason Montojo - IBM, Parsers, Index

Retired Committers

Committers who have moved on to other things. We list who their employer was at the time they were committers.

  • Bogdan Gheorghe - IBM
  • Hoda Amer - IBM
  • Sean Evoy - IBM
  • Vlad Hirsl - IBM
  • Judy Green - QNX
  • Tanya-Marie Desousa - IBM
  • Chris Weibe - QNX
  • Peter Graves - QNX
  • Martin Lescuyer - IBM
  • Mikhail Sennikovsky - Intel
  • Oleg Krasilnikov - Intel

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