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  • Is it fun writing code for the CDT?

You betcha! And the Eclipse SDK is such a great environment to work in. We've pumped out quality code by the boat load without a lot of effort.

Release Engineering

  • Where can I get the latest builds?

We have a build machine, cdt.eclipse.org, that we use for our builds. You can access them from the builds section on its home page. You can also generate your own builds by checking out the CDT out of CVS and using the Export -> Deployable Feature menu item provided by the PDE.


  • Can I find a method declare when my mouse point to a method for the CDT?

If you have a method selected in the Editor, pressing F3 will take you to the declaration (i.e. the prototype) and Ctrl-F3 with take you to the definition (i.e. the body). Both options are also available from the Context menu.

  • Writing to a Console in Eclipse

see solution based on MessageConsole

  • Am I headless?

see solution based on Platform & PlatformUI


Many more questions are answered in the "Working on the CDT" section of the general CDT FAQ.

See also the unofficial CDT Developers FAQ.