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Please enter your CDT 8.0 plan items here.

Debug - DSF-GDB

  1. Full pretty-printing support (contribution from Jens) bug 302121
  2. Full multi-process support on Linux with GDB 7.1 (contribution from Onur) bug 237306
  3. Extended Remote Launch using gdbserver (contribution from Anna) bug 314659
  4. Multi-core support. Wiki can be found here
  5. Support for OS-Awareness (based planned GDB feature)
  6. Support for Global-Breakpoints (based on planned GDB feature)
  7. Support for Static-Tracepoints
  8. Support for Fast-Dynamic-Tracepoint
  9. Better tracepoint visualization support (based on planned GDB feature)
  10. Support for GDB Checkpoints
  11. Live code patching
  12. Multi-context investigation/implementation
  13. Last few CDI-parity issues

Debug - EDC


  1. Name resolution checker and quick fixes (contributions from Tomasz Wesolowski and Marc-Andre Laperle) bug 309760
  2. Return statement style checker (contribution from Marc-Andre Laperle) bug 321471
  3. Member usage checker (contribution from Marc-Andre Laperle)
  4. Framework for easy quick fix contributions for codan problems - done
  5. Framework for file scope support for all checkers - done



  1. Declare Function
  2. Change Function Signature
  3. Generate constructor using fields (contribution from Marc-Andre Laperle) bug 306902
  4. Inline (contribution from Marc-Andre Laperle)
  5. Override/Implement Methods (contribution from Marc-Andre Laperle) bug 303870
  6. Refactoring performance improvements bug 292851 bug 273525


  1. CDT Build Model enhancements bug 321443
  2. Show build configs in navigator bug 322175
  3. Build Configuration Editor bug 323844
  4. Visual C++ Integration bug 321445


API Changes

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