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Full GDB Console

Controlling GDB through the command-line from within Eclipse has long been a very poor experience. With new support in GDB 7.12, it is now much easier for CDT to provide a full-featured GDB console. This feature is planned for CDT 9.2 for Linux hosts.

Features of full GDB console

The full GDB console provides the user with an identical GDB command-line experience as if GDB was started on a shell

  1. Command history
  2. Line editing
  3. Tab-completion
  4. Smart command repeating
  5. Full synchronization with the Eclipse GUI

Current status

Development is on-going. The following bugzilla entries and Gerrit reviews are part of this effort:

  1. 303808 Debug console lacks many important features
  2. 497166 - [console] Support the user using the 'run' command in the gdb console]
  3. 497167 - [console] Direct IO to an eclipse console for a new process created directly from the gdb console]

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