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Welcome to the CDT Wiki page. Come back often for the latest and greatest about the CDT.

The CDT is Eclipse's C/C++ Development Tooling project. It is an industrial-strength C/C++ IDE that also serves as a platform for others to provide value-added tooling for C/C++ developers.


Movies Screencasts that show different aspects of the CDT.
Presentations CDT presentations given at various conferences.
Addons Addons that enhance or use CDT.
Service Providers A list of contractors who can help you with your CDT customization needs.

User Resources

CDT Home Page The main CDT Web site.
Download Latest CDT Release Download and install the latest CDT release.
New and Noteworthy What's new and noteworthy in CDT 8.5, CDT 8.4, CDT 8.3, CDT 8.2, CDT 8.1, CDT 8.0, CDT 7.0, CDT 6.0, CDT 5.0 or CDT 4.0

Upcoming CDT 8.6

Wiki-based FAQ The Wiki-based How to Use CDT FAQ for all to edit.
An old FAQ Answers to the most common questions about the CDT. We should migrate this content to the new one.
Tools_Project Older Downloads Get some older CDT release builds (3.0 and prior).
Tools_Project Tutorials Tutorials that take you through the various features of the CDT.
CDT newsgroup news:// http:// Ask questions, find answers about CDT usage.
Setting up CDT Max Berger's tutorial : Setting up Eclipse CDT for Linux, Mac OS X & Windows.

Developer Resources

Getting started with CDT development The most basic actions one needs to take in order to get the code and run CDT or any other Eclipse plug-in.
Policies and Procedures Copyright header, code style, coding conventions, etc.
Contributing How to contribute to the CDT.
Developer FAQ FAQ for people who want to contribute code to the CDT.
Code Snippets Common code snippets (e.g U.I, build related)
Team Project Sets Check out the CDT code from Git. CDT 4.0's Javadoc-"API". Sources were downloaded from the eclipse cvs (org.eclipse.cdt-releng/all) on 28/06/07.
Component Documentation Design descriptions for various CDT components, and other component resources.
Design Docs by Release Design descriptions of various CDT features by release.
Articles Articles and other developer info about CDT.
Logos Logos used by CDT.
Git Instructions on how to use Git to check out and work with CDT code
Bugs & Testing
Gerrit Gerrit review board
CDT Bug Process Find out how CDT developers file, triage, track, fix, and verify bugs.
Submit CDT Bug Submit bug or feature via Eclipse Bugzilla
Eclipse Bugzilla Find CDT bugs (Classification - Tools, Product - CDT)
Automated Testing CDT automated testing resources.
Manual Testing CDT manual testing plans, sign-ups, etc.
Junit Results Results of latest junit testing on master.
Builds & Releases
Release Engineering Information on CDT release engineering.
Nightly Builds Nightly builds and CVS logs are here.
Hudson Trunk Builds Link to daily builds on Hudson server.
Planning Planning information for upcoming CDT releases.
Team & Meetings
Who's Who Who's who in the CDT development community.
Conference Calls Numbers and minutes from our monthly conference calls and other miscellaneous conference calls.
CDT Developer Summits Info from our face-to-face meetings.
Project Lead Notes Stuff the project leads need to do.
Multi-Core Debugging Working group focused on bringing multi-core debugging to the CDT.
Breakpoints Working group focused on improving breakpoints

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